Your Guide To: What To Wear On A Cruise

Your Guide To: What To Wear On A Cruise, Laloom Kaftans

Packing for a cruise is a wonderful way to build the excitement and anticipation for your much-needed holiday.  But for many, deciding what to wear on a cruise and what clothes to take on a cruise can be difficult and stressful: how many outfits is too many outfits?  How to I strike the right balance between formal and casual?  Will my favourite outfit work with the cruise liners dress code?  Here are our answers to all these questions and more in our guide to what to wear on a cruise.

Daytime Cruise Liner Dressing

Most cruise liners have their own formal dress codes for what you can and can’t wear on a cruise to dinner on any given night.  But outside of the stricter evening parameters, the buzzwords for what to wear on a cruise are classy but casual.  With so many fun activities to enjoy, you’ll want to wear clothes on a cruise that you feel comfortable in, and that you are able to be active in: standard resort wear will work best for this.

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, heading to the spa, or have signed up for a cookery course, wine tasting session or life drawing class, your outfit should be easy to wear whilst still looking classy and coordinated.  Pieces that are perfect for this include: sundresses, shorts, kaftan dresses, capris or white jeans and your favourite pretty summer tops.  If you’re planning to spend the day by the pool then it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your bathing suit with a kaftan dress or sarong over the top for the day (although it’s worth noting that most cruise liners won’t allow you to head to the restaurants for lunch wearing your swimwear).

Your guide to the perfect cruise outfit, Honolua Bay Short Kaftan, Laloom KaftansIn this photo:  Honolua Bay Short Kaftan Dress

In terms of footwear, flat and casual are also the best options for your day time wardrobe: after all, you don’t want to be wobbling around a rocking boat in heels!  Instead opt for embellished leather sandals if you’re hoping to look elegant and glamorous, or sneakers and flip flops if comfort is your primary concern.|

What To Wear To Dinner On A Cruise Liner

One of the dress codes most likely to give a cruiser anxiety is what to wear for dinner on a cruise.  There are two main dress codes that are most common on any given cruise: casual dining and formal night.  For formal night expect to see men wearing tuxedos and women dressed in their best.  Why not let go and enjoy the spectacle?  Dress up in your finery and take advantage of the opportunity to wear a floor length gown.  After all, most modern women simply don’t get that opportunity very often.  Wear a gown in a decadent fabric, such as velvet, satin, or silk.  Pair it with heels and coordinating accessories that will sparkle and shine when caught in the light: make it a night that you’ll never forget.

The perfect cruise outfit, Yes To Dancing Long Kaftan, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo:  Yes To Dancing Long Kaftan Dress

For a casual dinner evening you can wear a dress that feels a little more comfortable: think something that you’d wear for a date in your favourite restaurant.  The same heels and accessories that you’d wear for formal night would still be appropriate, but your dress should be shorter, falling to your mid calf or above.  A cocktail dress, little black dress, glamorous kaftan dress, or even an embellished cotton dress would all be appropriate.

Don’t be afraid to embrace colour and pattern: after all, you’re on vacation!  Either with the dress you choose or with your accessories, a shot of colour will liven up your outfit, show off your holiday tan, and make you feel brighter and happier.

What to wear on a cruise, Hamoa Beach Mid Length Kaftan, Laloom KaftansIn this photo:  Hamoa Beach Mid Length Kaftan Dress

Pay Attention To Dress Codes

Finally, it’s important to note that what to wear on a cruise ship will vary from ship to ship, particularly when it comes to evening dress codes.  Your liner will give you a specific dress code for each event you attend, and it’s important to follow it.  With every dress code, and for every occasion, there is always someone who is tempted to bend the rules: and often you’ll get away with it!  But do you want to be turned away from dinner on your precious (and expensive) holiday because the person manning the door is a sticker for formality?

Two take home mottos: It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, and never be tempted to wear jeans to the dining room when you’re enjoying a cruise!



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