Wedding Dress Codes; How To Be The Best Dressed Guest

Wedding Dress Codes, How To Be The Best Dressed Guest, Laloom Kaftans

Have you ever received a wedding invitation in the post and been completely baffled about what you should wear?  The dress code for a wedding can vary so widely depending on the type of wedding it is that it’s easy to see why people, and particularly women, struggle to decide on an outfit.  And what’s more, with so many dresses to wear for weddings available, you can be left feeling paralysed with choice.  Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Here’s everything you need to know about working out the right dress code for a wedding, and finding the perfect dress for you:

For A Black-Tie Wedding

Black tie weddings are the most formal weddings that you can be invited to.  As a general rule, they mean that the wedding will be an evening event and will give you an opportunity to dress up in opulent formal wear.  Think floor length gowns in luxe fabrics such as velvet and silk embellished with lace, beads, and other fine detailing.  If you prefer not to wear a floor length dress then cocktail gowns can be just as appropriate for a black-tie wedding: pair with embellished heels and a coordinating clutch bag to create an elegant effect that will be perfect for the occasion.

Top tip:

Many women assume that black tie means black dress. Whilst it’s true that black dresses are very popular for black tie events, they are not expected: why not show case your personality and stand out from the crowd by injecting some colour into your outfit?  Rich jewel tones, such as ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue, are incredibly popular this season.

In this photo:  Niihau Long Kaftan Dress

For A Semi-Formal Wedding

A semi-formal wedding generally involves a ceremony, sit down meal, and is followed by a party.  It lasts all day, and is the most popular wedding dress code.  But what does it really mean?  Traditionally, women wore lighter colours to weddings taking place during the day time, so a summery pastel dress will work best.  Look for a cocktail dress or sun dress with embellishments, and accessorize with a hat or fascinator.  Ball gowns are not appropriate, but if you want to wear something floor length, a chiffon or cotton maxi dress would look great.

Top tip:

In our increasingly environmentally friendly times, single use outfits just aren’t fashionable any more.  The cost to the planet is simply too high.  Instead look for a dress that serves multiple functions that you could wear again and again.

In this photo:  Whitehaven Long Kaftan Dress

For A Beach Wedding

Tropical weddings are usually hot and humid affairs – you’re likely to spend plenty of time standing under the sun with sand between your toes.  When wondering what to wear to a beach wedding, it’s important to consider the temperature and your comfort, as well as your style.  Something loose fitting, such as a flowing kaftan, is likely to be much more appropriate than a fitted shift dress.  It will also move better in a gentle sea breeze.  Accessorize with oversized beachy accessories, such as beads or tropical flowers, to lend your whole outfit an understated yet fashion-forward feel.

Top Tip:

Never wear heels to a beach wedding.  They’ll sink into the sand, making it impossible to walk and ruining your enjoyment of the day.  If you need a little extra height to compliment your outfit then opt for wedges; if you don’t need to wear heels then relish the comfort of sparkly embellished flat sandals instead.

Wedding Dress Code, be the best dressed guest, Bay Of Fires long kaftan, Laloom KaftansIn this photo:  Bay Of Fires Long Kaftan Dress

For A Casual Wedding

Relaxed back yard weddings are a lot of fun, and in these times of austerity they are becoming increasingly more popular.  Not only do they take the financial pressure off the happy couple, there’s also less pressure on the dress code for wedding guests too.  You have the freedom to ensure that both your comfort and style shine through in your outfit: opt for a cotton a-line sundress or a feminine floral kaftan.  Pair it with flat sandals or wedges (for the same reasons outlined above) and, rather than a formal fascinator or hat, top your outfit with a festive straw boater or sunhat.

Pastel colours, florals, and stripes all work well for casual weddings, adding an air of fun and formality to your outfit without being too overbearing for the formality of the occasion.

Top tip:

Don’t overdress for a casual wedding. Dresses to wear for weddings are often constructed from luxe fabrics such as velvet, silk and lace: these would leave you standing out for all the wrong reaons.  Instead look to low-key breathable fabrics, such as cotton kaftans or dresses.



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