A Special Night At The Theatre, Ballet, And Opera

A Special Night At The Theatre, Ballet, And Opera, Laloom Kaftans

Have you got a big night out planned to the ballet, theatre or opera?  There is nothing more special than a night out to enjoy a big performance with your friends, family or loved ones, but what should you wear?  Should you dress to impress or should you dress to feel comfortable?  What will everyone else be wearing?  When planning a big theatre trip, the dress code often gets as much attention as the performance itself!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.  Here’s our guide to picking the right dress code for every theatrical occasion this holiday season:

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Theatre Dress Code

What to wear to the theatre will vary widely depending on which theatre you are visiting, and what kind of performance you are planning to see.  The outfit you choose to see an up and coming comedian in your local theatre will be very different to the one you would wear to enjoy Shakespeare at the opera house!

The fact is that most theatres don’t have an official dress code.  However, no matter what kind of performance you are going to see, there are some rules of thumb that will always apply:

Avoid wearing anything too casual

Shorts, flip flops, swimwear, and anything with big slogans that might prove distracting should all be avoided.

You can wear jeans

This might surprise some people, but it’s perfectly acceptable to wear jeans to the theatre.  The key to an enjoyable theatre experience is to be comfortable, whilst still being respectful of the performers you will be watching.  If you’re at your most comfortable in jeans and a blouse or silk shell top then go ahead!

Why not take the opportunity to dress up?

Whilst there’s no rule that says you have to wear a dress or heels to the theatre, why not enjoy the rare opportunity to dress up a little?  Open your jewellery box and wear your favourite pieces.  Enjoy the chance to wear that dress that you love.

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Opera Dress Code

A night at the opera tends to be a much dressier affair than a simple trip to the theatre.  Whilst there is no formal opera dress code, the Sydney Opera House suggests on their website that most of their guests wear a smart casual dress code: However, visitors are welcome to dress up in formalwear too, if they wish.

So what, exactly, does a smart casual dress code mean?  We suggest that you are welcome to wear a dress, a kaftan dress, a skirt, or if you prefer to wear trousers then dressy pants would work too (you might feel out of place wearing jeans).

You’re likely to find that at least some of the attendees are opera traditionalists who feel it is important to dress up in formal wear for a trip to the opera: therefore if you want to wear sequins, embellishment, or a floor length gown then feel free!

Don’t forget that most visitors to the opera will enjoy dinner and cocktails either before or after their theatrical experience, so please check the dress code for the bar or restaurant you will be visiting too.

In this photo:  The Monaco Long Kaftan Dress

Ballet Dress Code

Finally, what to wear to the ballet is very similar to what you would wear to the opera.  Although there is no specific dress code for ballet performances in the large majority of theatres, most people will opt to dress up out of respect for the ballet.

There seems to be a large divide between people who wear casual everyday wear, and those who like to dress up more formally: which side of this divide you sit on is entirely up to you!

If you’re visiting for a festive performance then why not nod to the season in sparkles and sequins?  Adding a sequin cardigan over a more casual kaftan dress or trusted pair of black pants will create the perfect balance between smart and casual.

Note: whilst it’s acceptable (and adorable) for children to wear tutus and leotards for their introductory trips to the ballet, adult women dressing like prima ballerinas (complete with leotard and neat buns) will only draw a mixture of amused and bemused glances from the other guests!


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