The Perfect Dress For A Day At The Races

The Perfect Dress For A Day At The Races, Laloom Kaftans

There’s nothing more exciting than a day at the races: the opportunity to place a bet on the horse with the most interesting name, socialise with your friends, and dress up in something glamorous.  But when it comes to deciding what to wear to the races, it can prove to be challenging.  What is the dress code for the races?  Should you wear a hat?  How dressy should your outfit be?  Here’s everything you need to know about what to wear at the races:

Pay Attention To The Dress Code

When contemplating your dress for a day at the races, don’t forget to read the dress code carefully.  Depending on the formality of the race meet that you are attending, you may be required to wear a dress that falls below the knee, you may have to cover your shoulders (or the straps of your race day dress should be of a certain thickness) or you might be instructed to wear a hat or a headpiece.

It’s worth noting that a well-placed kaftan could be the answer to all of these race day dress codes.  Not only can you choose a long-length kaftan to cover your legs, all of our kaftans will also cover your shoulders, making them the perfect choice for even the most formal of race day dress codes.

Dresses For A Day At The Races, St Tropez Long Kaftan, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo:  St Tropez Long Kaftan Dress

Combine Bold Colours With Classic Designs

Race day dresses are a great opportunity to be bright and bold, embracing your favourite colours and patterns.  Because spring time race days are traditional events, it can be tempting to wear something that is equally formal and traditional.  But actually, there is no reason why you shouldn’t inject your race day dress with colour and fun.

Wearing a rainbow of colours will make you smile and help you stand out from the crowd, but we recommend that you stick to classic and timeless dress shapes that will never go out of fashion to ensure your race day dress has the right level of formality.  Maxi dresses, A-line dresses, shift dresses, and loose and flowing kaftan dresses are all wonderful options for a day at the races.

What To Wear To The Races, Monaco Long Kaftan Dress, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo:  Monaco Long Kaftan Dress

Leave The Heels At Home

Race day dresses tend to be formal and feminine, which is why the natural instinct of most women is to pair them with heels.  But in reality, it is much more sensible to pair your race day dresses with flat shoes or wedges, and leave the heels at home.  You will be on your feet all day, it’s likely that you will be walking over soft grass, and the ground of a race track can often be uneven: none of this is a recipe for heel-wearing success.

If you prefer not to wear flats, because you need a little extra height or the leg-lengthening benefits of a heel, then opt for a wedge or an espadrille instead.  These will offer all the benefits of a heel with the comfort and practicality of a flat. You’ll never have to worry about sinking into the grass and ruining your shoes again!

In this photo:  Hayman Short Kaftan Dress

Have Fun With Your Accessories

Many race day dress codes in Australia call for women to wear hats or fascinators.  Whether you’re a fan of an oversized hat or not, this provides the perfect opportunity to have fun with your accessories.  When considering your dress for a day at the races, the headpiece you choose to wear is a great starting point for piecing together your whole outfit.

If you don’t have to, or don’t want to, wear a hat or fascinator then why not have fun with oversized hairbows, clips, and other accessories.  These will inject a sense of fun, elegance, and glamour into your race day dress.  If you do have to wear a hat for your day at the races then embrace the drama and the formality of this: choose a hat that suits your face shape and compliments your outfit.

Think About Comfort

Finally, whilst it’s important to look and feel glamorous for your day at the races, it’s also important to feel comfortable too.  After all, you are likely to be standing up and mingling with other racegoers all day: and no one wants to do that wearing a dress on race day that is so restrictive they can’t breathe!  Look for something, like a kaftan, that is loose and breathable, and that leaves you feeling like you can move in it.  You want an outfit that is so comfortable you won’t even know you’re wearing it: because if you’re not thinking about your clothes, you can be thinking about having fun instead!



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