The Art Of Cover Ups

The Art Of Cover Ups, Laloom Kaftans

From the board walk to the beach, pool parties to luxury holidays, you might not think it, but your cover ups could well be the most hardworking pieces in your wardrobe.  These versatile dresses are a must-have addition to your wardrobe not only in the summer, but all year round.

Looking for inspiration on more ways to wear your favourite cover ups?  Here are our top tips on the art of the cover ups:

In this photo:  Hawaii Long Kaftan Dress

The Art Of Versatility

What we love most about cover ups is just how versatile they are.  Of course they are great for protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun (and your modesty) when you’re on the beach or by the pool, but you don’t just have to wear cover ups over your swimsuit.  Choose a kaftan in a simple pattern that matches your favourite heels and it can easily be transformed from beachwear to a dress for a cocktail party or al fresco lunch date.  Pick a floor length kaftan and pair it with dramatic oversized jewellery and jewel embellished sandals and you could even wear it to a black tie dinner.  You can even wear your favourite kaftan over leggings or lightweight white jeans for an effortlessly stylish approach to sightseeing.  Name an item of clothing you can wear for more occasions than that: we’ll wait!

In this photo:  Lindeman Short Kaftan Dress

The Art Of Easy Fitting

Cover ups are designed to be oversized meaning that it won’t be a headache to decide the right size for you: our kaftan dresses are available in just two sizes, and they really do fit all shapes and sizes.  Whether you’re petite, plus sized, or anything in between, our kaftans and cover ups are designed to make you look and feel great about yourself.  This is good news if you tend to retain water when you’re on holiday or if your weight fluctuates, as you won’t need to buy a new kaftan every time your dress size changes.  That makes cover ups an easy fitting investment piece, as your favourite kaftan will always fit you.  Just throw on your stunning kaftan, allowing it to skim your curves, and you’ll be ready for any occasion.

The Art Of Style

Kaftan dresses and cover ups are stylish and are often made in a wide range of vibrant colours and patterns.  Floral print patterns tend to have a bohemian feel whilst bright colours in watercolour patterns will exude confidence and attract attention for all the right reasons.  Choose a pattern set against a black background if you want something that will make you look more streamlined, or a pattern set against a white background to highlight a summer tan.  When it comes to cover ups, the style possibilities are almost endless!  In fact, there’s no piece that will make looking effortlessly stylish for any occasion easier than a well-chosen cover up.

In this photo:  Waimoka Mid Length Kaftan Dress

The Art Of More Is More

Finally, it’s a question that has been asked over and over again: how many kaftans is too many kaftans?  Call us biased, but we think that it makes sense to have multiple kaftans or cover ups in your wardrobe, particularly if you are going away on a sunny holiday. That way you will have a range of patterns and styles to choose from, and you can be sure that you will always make a statement no matter what the occasion.

Having said that, you don’t need to invest in new kaftans or cover ups for every day of your trip: because they are so lightweight, our kaftans and cover ups dry remarkably quickly, meaning it’s easy to wash them and freshen them up in the sink of your hotel room, and they will dry in no time!

Each kaftan has its own special, unique look and feel and with a little imagination, resourcefulness, and clever use of accessories, you could wear then same two or three kaftans every day for a full week’s break and none would ever even notice that you’re wearing the same cover up!

The art of the cover ups is incredibly easy to achieve, but it makes a really big impact. By having a couple of well chosen cover ups in your wardrobe, you’ll always have something fabulous to wear this summer.


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