Resort Kaftans For Summer Holidays Overseas

Resort Kaftans For Summer Holidays, Laloom Kaftans

It might not look very summery outside your window right now, but if you’re heading for an overseas summer holiday this winter then you’ve no doubt got sunshine in your heart and mind.  There is nothing more exciting than preparing for a holiday, and shopping for new outfits and resort kaftan dresses to take with you, is all part of the fun!

Finding clothes to take on holiday at this time of year can be tricky, but don’t be put off by the plethora of winter clothes in store at the moment – shop online with us instead, and you’ll quickly inject summer colour and vibrancy into your suitcase.

Kaftans For Summer Holidays, Whitehaven Long Kaftan, Laloom KaftansIn this photo:  The Whitehaven Long Kaftan Dress


Prepping for your overseas summer vacation and not sure where to start?  When it comes to choosing clothes to take on holiday, you really can’t beat a kaftan!

Here are some of our favourite resort kaftans, and how to wear them:

Super Silk Kaftans

If you’re trying to get as many outfits as you can from each piece in your suitcase, then silk kaftan dresses are a perfect choice.  Sheer, luxurious and elegant, the silk kaftan is wonderfully versatile.  Throw it over your swimsuit and wear it around the pool or on the beach.  Add heels and a simple black shift to create an elegant cocktail dress.  Slip on a pair of metallic sandals and a coordinating belt and you’ll have the perfect outfit for a day of sightseeing.  You’ll be amazed just how far one silk kaftan can take you!

Summer Holiday Kaftans, Waikiki Beach Long Silk Kaftan, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo: Waikiki Beach Long Silk Kaftan Dress


We love the Waikiki Beach long silk kaftan, which is bold, bright, and eye-catching.  It’s graceful look and feel is created by the whisper light appearance of the gorgeous silk chiffon fabric. 

Top tip: If you’re looking for a silk kaftan you can wear both day and night, look for one with a pattern set against a black base.  As well as being more figure-flattering, this will immediately create a formal night time feel that is perfect for unwinding after sunset.

Lovely Light Kaftans

Are you travelling with only hand luggage?  Is weight and space in your suitcase limited?  Don’t waste that vital room packing heavy pants or accessories, when you could change your outfit everyday with the help of a full complement of resort kaftans.  Our resort kaftans are as light as air, and when choosing clothes to take on holiday you can almost certainly include several in your armoury.

Pack a short kaftan to help build up your tan whilst your laying on the beach during the day, and then change it for a long silk kaftan for lazy nights drinking cocktails or sampling the local cuisine.

Summer Holiday Kaftans For Resort Wear, Hamoa Beach Mid Length Kaftan, Laloom KaftansIn this photo:  Hamoa Beach Mid Length Kaftan Dress


Only have the space for one resort kaftan in your suitcase?  Then we recommend opting for a mid-length version and enjoying the best of both worlds!  The modern, geometric print of our Hamoa Beach silk resort kaftan can be worn anywhere, and its longer length means you don’t have to worry about your modesty if you’re sightseeing in local churches or monuments.

Another big benefit of this resort kaftan is that the fabric is not sheer, meaning no slip is required: so you don’t have to pack any extra pieces to have a ready-to-wear outfit: just add sandals and a pair of heels to instantly look chic and well put together for every occasion.

Whether your laying on a beach in Bali or sightseeing in Milan, we’ve got the perfect resort kaftan for every overseas summer holiday.  Why not explore our full range and discover the perfect resort kaftans for your next trip?



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