Plus Size Resort Wear & How To Get More Bang For Your Buck

Plus Size Resort Wear & How To Get More Bang For Your Buck


Many women are reluctant to invest financially in good-quality plus size resort wear, and it’s easy to understand their mindset: You only wear your resort wear for 1-2 weeks a year, whilst you wear your favourite jeans or shorts for several months.  Which would you rather spend your hard-earnt cash on?

Whilst this attitude is understandable, it’s also wrong.  Because you shouldn’t only wear your plus size resort wear for two weeks.  Just like the rest of your plus size summer dresses, your resort wear such as sarongs and kaftans, is versatile enough to be repurposed, layered, and worn all year round.  Don’t believe us?  You soon will.

Here are our top tips on how you can get more bang for your buck from your plus size resort wear:


Lovely Layers

One of the easiest ways to extend the wear of your favourite resort wear pieces, no matter what the weather, is to layer them over warmer and more weather-appropriate base layers.  A vibrant-coloured sarong can be used as a scarf or shawl over a lightweight sweater.  A kaftan becomes a lightweight dress when worn over a slip dress and a coordinating pair of leggings.  Choose black for the autumn and winter months, or if you prefer its slimming qualities.  Choose white for the spring and summer months to emphasise the light and airy feel of the outfit whilst still providing full coverage.

Look beyond the piece and its function as you know it: think about how you could use your plus size resort wear to make it evergreen within your own wardrobe to extend its wear.  After all, it’s amazing how easy it is to refresh a piece by adding a fitted jacket or a cardigan,  and don’t underestimate how stylish a lightweight kaftan can look when worn casually over your favourite skinny jeans.

Resort Wear For Plus Size, Hawai & Hamoa Beach Kaftans, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo:  (L) Hawaii Long Kaftan & (R) Hamoa Beach Mid Length Kaftan

Add Weather-Appropriate Accessories

Your favourite plus size summer dresses will look wonderful when the weather is warm and they’re worn on the beach with an oversized sun hat and lightweight flipflops.  But you can instantly inject a more heavyweight and seasonally appropriate touch to the same dress by adding darker and heavier accessories.  Black boots with a coordinating black satchel or tan brogues with a matching tan clutch, for example, will instantly create an outfit that you can wear when the leaves begin to change.

Add tights or leggings to keep your legs warm and the plus size summer dress you loved all summer will instantly become a plus size winter dress you can love all year round.

In this photo:  Freycinet Short Kaftan Dress

Choose Colours Wisely

When shopping for your plus size resort wear, think carefully about the colours that you choose.  White and pale pastels might look great when worn on the beach or in the height of the summer sun, but they simply aren’t shades that can be worn year-round.  Let’s face it, white isn’t a particularly practical colour for life in the city anyway!  When shopping for plus size summer dresses Australia, look for models which are set against darker and more versatile background colours.  Black, grey and navy blue are all great options.

You can still pick a bright and summery pattern, such as a poppy red floral or a neon tribal or Aztec print, but by setting it against a darker shade it will instantly look great when paired with darker accessories or dark coloured layers: the perfect way to get more bang for your buck for your plus size resort wear.

Add A Sweater

Finally, if you have a plus size summer dress or kaftan that you really love but simply can’t wear as a dress in the winter months then why not turn it into a skirt by adding a sweater over the top instead?  Not only will a chunky knitted sweater feel warm and cosy, it will also create a wonderful contrast with the more lightweight material that you are wearing underneath it.  Seasonally appropriate and stylish?  Now that’s worth paying a little more for!

With a little clever planning, accessorising, and colour coordination, it’s easier than you might think to winterise your summer wardrobe and ensure that you’re getting as much wear as possible from those high-quality resort wear pieces that you love right now.



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