What Do Apple And Pear Shapes Have To Do With Plus Size Kaftans?

What Do Apple & Pear Shapes Have To Do With Plus Size Kaftans, Laloom Kaftans


When choosing plus size kaftans it is important to consider your body shape.  Dressing for your body type is one of the key things any woman can do to ensure her clothes fit well and are as flattering as possible.  But if you’ve never dressed for your body type and age before, it can be difficult to know where to begin.  Don’t worry we’re here to help!

By following this simple guide, you’ll quickly be able to pick the plus size kaftans that are right for you:

Dresses For Apple Shape, Kurumba Beach Short Kaftan, Laloom KaftansIn this photo:  Kurumba Beach Short Plus Size Kaftan Dress

Plus Size Kaftans For Apple Shapes

Women with apple shape figures tend to have a rounded shoulder line, carry weight around their middle, and have flat bottoms and slender legs.  The good news is that almost all of our plus size kaftans look great on apple shapes, thanks to their soft and flowing fabric which skims over any lumps and bumps.  The free-flowing shape of our plus size kaftans means that they won’t cinch in your waist or cling anywhere you don’t want them to.

So which of our many kaftans should you choose?  Well, short length plus sized kaftans are a wonderful option if you’re looking for dresses for an apple shape body.  These kaftans will enable you to showcase your legs, which are likely to be one of the slenderest parts of your body, whilst covering up the more problematic area around your middle.

Don’t shy away from colour or pattern: there’s nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd!  But try to pick one colour or pattern from the top to bottom of your plus size kaftan rather than in horizontal panels, as these will only draw attention to your middle.

Dresses For Hourglass Figure, Mirihi Island Short Kaftan, Laloom KaftansIn this photo:  Mirihi Island Short Plus Size Kaftan Dress

Plus Size Kaftans For Pear Shapes

Women with pear shape figures are women that have narrow shoulders and a small bust that leads to wider hips and thighs.  Pear shaped women tend to look for plus size kaftans that offer coverage for their hips and thighs, but show case the rest of their figure.

If this is your body shape then dressing your body type for the beach is much easier than you might think.  You can opt for a kaftan of any length or colour.  We would suggest looking for plus size kaftans with a v neck shaped neckline to draw attention to your narrow shoulders and bust.  Plus size kaftans with embellishment (such as beading or diamante) at the top half will also suit you, as they will draw attention to your upper body and away from your problem areas.

We are proud to offer some of the highest quality plus size kaftans in Australia, which will make it easier than ever for you to find the kaftan you need.  Let this year be the year you feel confident about how you look on the beach, instead of shying away in the background.

Clothing For Hourglass Figure, Heart Reef Long Kaftan Dress, Laloom KaftansIn this photo:  Heart Reef Long Plus Size Kaftan Dress


Plus Size Kaftans For Hourglass Shapes

If you have an hour glass figure then you have a bust and hips that are of a similar size, with a waist that is much narrower.  The hourglass figure is one of the most coveted body shapes you can have but finding clothing for your hourglass figure that are flattering can be tricky.

If this is your body shape then you need plus size kaftans that will help to emphasise your waist: the best way to do this is with a belt.  Opt for one of our loose and slouchy plus size kaftans that will have plenty of room for your bust and hips then add a leather belt to showcase your narrow waist.  Many of our patterned plus size kaftans are perfect for wearing with a belt, thanks to the way the pattern draws the eye to the waist.  To further emphasise your enviable figure, opt for a plus size kaftan featuring a vertical pattern rather than a horizontal one.

Dresses for hourglass figures tend to fit tightly, but it is possible to ensure you still look fabulous and fashion-forward on the beach in a looser fitting and more flattering plus size kaftan.  Embrace your body shape, be true to who you are, and let your confidence shine through!

Dresses For Apple Shape Body, Sun Island Long Silk Kaftan Dress, Laloom KaftansIn this photo:  Sun Island Long Plus Size Kaftan



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