How Plus Size Kaftans Can Be The Answer To Plus Size Dressing

How Plus Size Kaftans Can Be The Answer To Plus Size Dressing, Laloom Kaftans

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and every woman is beautiful, no matter what their size.  Many plus size women are happy to embrace their fuller figure, but struggle to dress it with style.

Plus size dressing isn’t always easy, but if you work with your body rather than against it, you’ll soon find yourself looking as great as you feel.  If you want to up your style game then here are just some of the reasons why plus size kaftans could be the answer to plus size dressing:


Flatter Your Figure

Do you want to hide your curves or show them off?  No matter how you feel about your figure, a plus size kaftan could be the perfect solution.  Sheer, oversized and free-flowing, our plus size kaftans are designed to skim curves, hinting at the shape underneath without clinging to your body.  Add a fitted belt, however, and your plus size dress will quickly create Jessica Rabbit-style curves.  Wearing a belt over a plus size kaftan will help you to highlight your shape whilst still looking flattering and appropriate for a myriad of occasions.


Kaleidoscope Of Colours

Do you have a colour that instantly makes you feel great?  One that flatters your skin tone and takes you to your happy place?  Then you should wear that colour as often as possible!  If you don’t then it’s time to escape your black comfort zone and experiment.  Plus size kaftans come in a wide range of colours and patterns, meaning it’s easer than you think to find one that flatters your figure and makes you feel great.

In this photo:  Mirihi Island Short Kaftan Dress

If colour scares you then look for a kaftan with a black backdrop, so that you have one foot inside your comfort zone.  Our Mirihi Island kaftan is the perfect example of this, combining a black backdrop with rich jewel tones.  Choose patterns which run down the piece, as these will draw the eye down the body, instantly creating a streamlined effect.

Celebrity Following

Need further proof that the plus size kaftan could be the solution to all of your plus size dressing problems?  Just look to the stars!  Plus size model, activist and icon Tess Holliday is a huge fan of kaftans, and once revealed that she collects vintage kaftans from around the world, stating: “I collect vintage kaftans.  My favourite is a Seventies one with mushrooms on it and big slits up the side which I found at a thrift store in Long Beach where I live in LA.”

Plus size actress and Mrs Pierce Brosnan, Keely Shaye Smith also favours flowing, oversized kaftans when she hits the beach on tropical vacations.  The fun pom pom details on this model draws attention to her slender legs, injecting an element of fun to her outfit.  Let’s face it, if it’s good enough to snag James Bond then it’s good enough for us!


Always Weather Appropriate

If you’re looking for plus size womens clothing in Australia then the kaftan is the perfect choice because it’s perfect for our changing climate.  In the heat of the summer it is ideal for covering your arms, back and shoulders, protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays whilst still allowing air to circulate around your body.  On cooler spring or autumn days you can wear your plus size kaftan with leggings and a vest or slip, adding extra warmth and protection whilst still enjoying the light and breezy comfort of a kaftan.  If you want to wear your plus size kaftan during the winter then simply add a cardigan and boots for effortless seasonal dressing.


Inject Confidence

Plus size kaftans feel decadent and glamorous.  Because they were so popular in the 1970s, particularly amongst the Hollywood elite, they instantly ooze opulence whilst still being incredibly easy to wear.  Wearing a plus size kaftan will make you feel confident: you’ll carry yourself taller.

The key to confident dressing is to embrace exactly who you are.  Your big belly, wobbly arms and jiggly thighs are all a fabulous part of what makes you, you.  Choose plus size dresses and plus size kaftans that make you feel happy, and wear them whenever you need to put a spring in your step!

Kaftans For Plus Size Women, Waimoka Mid Length Kaftan Dress, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo:  Waimoka Mid Length Kaftan Dress




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