5 Great Style Tips And Outfit Ideas For Plus Size Dressing

5 Great Style Tips And Outfit Ideas For Plus Size Dressing, Laloom Kaftans


Style doesn’t have anything to do with dress size.  You can be as stylish at a size 20 as you are at a size 10 provided you carry yourself with confidence and know a few plus size dressing tips to show off your figure, ensuring you always look your best.

Wish you could always look stylish but don’t know where to start?  Don’t worry we’re here to help.  Here are five great styling tips and outfit ideas for plus size dressing that you can incorporate into your wardrobe today:

In this photo: Reethi Rah Short Kaftan Dress


1. Find The Perfect Fit For You

When it comes to dressing any women (plus size or not) there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ perfect dress – only the perfect fit for you.  Don’t get bogged down by what other women, celebrities and influencers are wearing: just because it suits them doesn’t mean it will suit you.

The key to finding your perfect fit comes down to one thing – trying on plenty of plus size dresses.  Order a selection of plus size dresses online in a range of cuts, sizes and lengths and try them on until you find the one that fits you best: then you will know which shapes you should look for (and which you should avoid) when you’re shopping.  The most stylish women are those that are confident, and that instinctively know what pieces suit them best.

In this photo:  The Nice Mid Length Kaftan Dress


2. Don’t Forget To Add A Belt

Many plus size women try to hide their figures in loose fitting bigger size dresses, but these often only serve to make you look wider.  Adding a belt to your plus size dresses or kaftans will actually emphasise your curves, create an hourglass figure, and instantly make your waist look smaller.  A good quality leather belt is the one accessory every woman wearing plus size dresses should have in her wardrobe!


3. Flash A Little Flesh

When you feel self-conscious about your body it’s easy to think that covering it up will make you feel better, and help you hide away.  But actually, particularly during the summer, if everyone is dressed in shorts or bathing suits and you’re wearing jeans and a jumper then you’re the one that will stand out from the crowd.  People will pick up on your discomfort and the fact that you are trying to hide your figure.

Instead, work out what your ‘problem areas’ are (These are the areas that make you feel most insecure or most uncomfortable) and focus on finding pieces that will help you cover these, then let everything else go!  For many plus size women this problem area is often their stomach.  If this is the case then one outfit idea is to wear a kaftan: A kaftan will help you to feel more confident by skimming over your figure whilst still showcasing your legs and lower arms.  You’ll look stylish, appropriate for the occasion, and hold yourself with confidence knowing that you’re covering the areas you’d rather not display to the world.

Plus Size Dressing Outfit Ideas, Wineglass Bay Long Kaftan Dress, Laloom KaftansIn this photo:  Wineglass Bay Long Kaftan Dress


4. Layer Up

If you want to streamline your torso and your upper body during the winter months, wearing layers is a great approach to take.  One of our favourite outfit ideas for women wearing plus size dresses is to wear a fitted longline jacket or blazer open over a block colour shirt or tee.  This will break up the line of your body and draw the eye down the body, effectively making you look narrower.  If you prefer a casual style then cardigans and gilet jackets will have the same effect.

During the summer months, wearing a long necklace or a longline, lightweight scarf on top of your outfit will have a similar effect.  Any layers and patterns that draw the eye vertically down the body, rather than horizontally across it, will be a plus size girl’s best friend.


5. Don’t Shy Away From Colour

Many plus size Australian women shy away from wearing colour, thinking that black is more slimming.  Whilst it’s true that black is a flattering shade, it can also make your skin look sallow and can negatively affect your mood.  Instead why not experiment with colour?  Bright colours are having a real fashion moment right now and the clever use of colour is a great way to flatter your figure without hiding away your curves.

Still worried about adding new shades to your wardrobe?  Look for plus size dresses that incorporate panels of black, or feature patterns set against a black background if you want to experiment with colour but don’t want to stray too far away from your black comfort zone.

In this photo:  Pampelonne Beach Short Kaftan Dress



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