The Ultimate Plus Size Dressing Guide For Wearing Kaftans

Ultimate Plus Size Dressing Guide For Wearing Kaftans, Laloom Kaftans

So, you’re looking for the perfect plus size kaftans?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Not only do we offer an exceptional range of plus sized kaftans that have been expertly designed in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit women of any shape and size, we also offer tips and hints to ensure you wear your plus size kaftan with confidence and style.

Kaftan dresses are versatile, unique, and easy to wear: the perfect way to inject colour and style into your wardrobe!  With that in mind, here’s our ultimate plus size dressing guide to wearing and buying plus size kaftans:

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What Do Apple Shapes & Pear Shapes Have To Do With Plus Size Kaftans?

Considering your body shape is integral when choosing a plus size kaftan.  Dressing for your body shape will help you to find clothes that are flattering and fit you to perfection.

If you have an apple body shape then our free flowing plus size kaftans are the perfect option for you, skimming over any lumps and bumps.  If you have a pear body shape then our longer line kaftans will offer extra coverage for your hips and thighs.  And if you have an hourglass figure then why not pop a belt over your plus size kaftan to emphasise your curves and add extra style and depth to your outfit at the same time.

No matter what your body shape, don’t shy away from colour and pattern.  Many women think wearing black will make them look slimmer, but actually it will just draw extra attention to you, and make you look like you’re trying to shrink into the background.  Be proud of your figure, and who you are, and show it off in colours and patterns that make you feel confident.


Find out more about choosing a plus sized kaftan if you’re apple shaped or pear shaped.

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3 Reasons Why Plus Size Kaftans Are Perfect To Hide Problem Areas

First things first – there’s no such thing as a problem area: your body is never a problem!  However, if you have areas of your body that you are self-conscious of, there are things you can do to cover them up and make you feel more confident.  Conscious of your tummy?  A kaftan can help with that!  Want to hide flabby upper arms?  The kaftan is the perfect solution.  Kaftans can even help you to feel more confident about your legs.

Because our plus size kaftans fit loosely, all of the areas you are self-conscious of can be hidden with just one carefully chosen garment.  They are designed to skim over your figure, rather than cling to it, creating a smooth and streamlined silhouette.  They also look great worn with jeans or leggings, meaning that you don’t have to flash any flesh if you don’t want to: you can look fresh and summery whilst covering up from head to toe.


Find out more about why plus size kaftans are so great for hiding problem areas.

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Are Plus Size Kaftan Dresses The Answer To Hiding Weight Gain?

Weight gain is a common problem that many women experience, particularly after they have children or as they age.  But gaining a few extra pounds doesn’t mean you can’t still look stylish and fashion-forward.

If you invest in an plus size kaftan with a busy pattern then the pattern itself will do a lot of work to help hide any lumps and bumps. look for small patterns or pieces that incorporate several patterns at the same time: plus size kaftans that combine small florals with stripes are amongst the most figure flattering.  Avoid big bold patterns, as these can sometimes make you look bigger.


Find out more about whether plus size kaftan dresses are the answer to help you hide your weight gain.

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5 Tips To Coordinate Outfit Ideas For Plus Size Dressing

We all know that style doesn’t have anything to do with dress size.  With the right styling tips you can be stylish at every size.  Trying on several different dresses to find the style that suits you best, learning how to accessorise your outfit, and adding layers to streamline your torso will all help you to inject style into your plus size wardrobe.

We love layering.  During the winter months, wear a fitted longline jacket or blazer open over a block colour shirt, tee, or kaftan dress.  This will break up the line of your body and draw the eye down the body, effectively making you look narrower.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things or try different colours and styles to give your wardrobe a total refresh.  Because every woman deserves to look her best, no matter what her dress size!


Find out more tips for coordinating your outfits when you’re plus sized.

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How Plus Size Kaftans Can Be The Answer To Plus Size Dressing

All the tips in the world can’t give you confidence, but in reality, being confident and comfortable in your own skin is the best thing you can do if you want to look fantastic in your clothes.  Plus size dressing is easy if you’re doing it with confidence!

Do you want to hide your curves or show them off?  No matter how you feel about your figure, a plus size kaftan could be the perfect solution.  Sheer, oversized and free-flowing, our plus size kaftans are designed to skim curves, hinting at the shape underneath without clinging to your body.  Add a fitted belt however, and your plus size dress will quickly create Jessica Rabbit-style curves.

And remember, when you choose to add a plus size kaftan to your wardrobe, you’re in good company: Celebs such as Tess Halliday and Keely Shaye Smith are both big fans of the trend, and wear their plus size kaftans with both style and grace.


Find out more about how plus size kaftans can be the answer to plus size dressing.

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How To Get More Bang For Your Buck From Your Plus Size Resort Wear

When shopping for something new, It’s important to consider your cost per wear: that’s how many times you think you will wear it divided by how much you paid for it in the first place.  The smaller your cost per wear, the easier it is to justify the shopping trip!

The good news is that our plus size kaftans are so much more than just resortwear.  As well as wearing them to the beach, they are also versatile enough to be repurposed, layered, and worn all year round.  A vibrant-coloured sarong can be used as a scarf or shawl over a lightweight sweater.  A kaftan becomes a lightweight dress when worn over a slip dress and a coordinating pair of leggings.

Look beyond the piece and its function as you know it: think about how you could use your plus size resort wear to make it evergreen within your own wardrobe to extend its wear.  After all, it’s amazing how easy it is to refresh a piece by adding a fitted jacket or a cardigan, and don’t underestimate how stylish a lightweight kaftan can look when worn casually over your favourite skinny jeans.

Find out more about how you can get more bang from your buck from your plus size resortwear.

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How To Get That Boho Style With Plus Size Boho Kaftans

Once you’ve found the perfect kaftan, it’s time to think about how to wear it!  Kaftans are perfect for boho styling, thanks to their low key and understated feel.  The modern bohemian style features loose boho style kaftans, maxi peasant skirts, and cotton blouses with oversized sleeves.  It takes its inspiration from Woodstock in the 1960s, patchwork and homespun folk fashions, and designers such as Saint Laurent, Etro and Chloe.

Free flowing and effortless, plus size boho dresses and plus size boho style kaftans are perfect for injecting style and pattern into your weekend wardrobe.  They are also wonderfully versatile: they can be worn in a wide variety of different ways to create several different styles.  No matter what the occasion, your plus size boho style kaftan is appropriate.


If you want more tips on how to get the look with plus size boho kaftans then click here.

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Perfect Beach Kaftans For Plus Size Resort Wear

Of course, it wouldn’t be the perfect plus size kaftan if you couldn’t wear it on your next holiday!  Beach kaftans were made for vacations: Because they weigh so little, you can pack as many of these beach kaftan dresses as you like without worrying about your airline’s weight limits, and when you arrive at your resort you can wear them anywhere and everywhere.

Don’t limit yourself to thinking that you can only wear your kaftan to the beach or around the pool when you’re on holiday.  You can also wear them to dinner, for cocktails, or for a sightseeing tour of the local town.  A beach kaftan dress will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays and leave you feeling more glamorous and confident than ever before.  Pack just one or two of your favourite kaftans and you’ll always have something to wear.


Hunting for the perfect beach kaftans to add to your resort wear collection? Click here.

Plus Size Dressing Tips To Look Drop Dead Gorgeous On Date Nights
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3 Plus Size Dressing Tips To Look Drop Dead Gorgeous On Date Nights

Kaftan dresses aren’t just for enjoying and wearing during the day: they also look great worn in the evening, particularly for date nights.  Whether you’re looking for casual dinner outfits, something to wear to the movies, or even a flattering dress for grabbing a coffee we’ve got you covered!

Think about the silhouette you want to create on your date when plus size dressing: If you want to truly embrace and showcase your curves then add a waist cinching belt to your outfit to highlight your shape.  If you prefer to hint at the shape underneath your outfit, rather than show it off overtly, then wear a slip dress underneath your kaftan dress and float ethereally into your date.


Fundamentally, you want to approach your date as the best possible version of yourself.  That means highlighting your assets and downplaying any parts of your body you might be a little more self-conscious of.  By thinking about what you wear in these terms, you will instantly create outfits that look great and reflect who you really are, and you will be perfectly dressed for your next date night.

Find out more about looking drop dead gorgeous for date nights in kaftans.

Wearing Kaftan Dresses To Beach Weddings, Laloom Kaftans
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All You Need To Know About Wearing Kaftan Dresses To Beach Weddings

If you’ve been invited to attend a beach wedding then don’t overlook your favourite kaftan when you’re thinking about what you’d like to wear.  Kaftan dresses can be carried in a suitcase with minimal maintenance needed when you reach your destination.  Simply hang your kaftan dress when you arrive and it will look immaculate when you want to wear it.  They also look great worn with flat shoes: ideal for beach weddings where heels would sink into the sand and be thoroughly impractical.  Choose flat embellished sandals to compliment the embellishment on your kaftan instead.

If you want to look stylish for a beach wedding that requires a more informal dress code than a traditional wedding would, then simply add elegant accessories to your favourite kaftans and you’re ready to go.


Find out more about wearing kaftan dresses to beach weddings.

The Difference Between Cocktail Dresses & Kaftan Dresses, Laloom Kaftans
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The Difference Between A Kaftan Dress & A Cocktail Dress

Still not sure what a kaftan dress is or why you need one in your wardrobe?  Whilst you can wear a kaftan dress as a cocktail dress, kaftans tend to be much more versatile.  They look as good for a low-key day event as they do for a big night out.

A kaftan dress is a loose and flowing dress with wide sleeves, typically in lightweight or sheer fabrics.  Kaftan dresses are available in a variety of different lengths and their structureless shape means that they will skim over the curves of women of any size.

When dressed up with heels and accessories, kaftan dresses are just like plus size cocktail dresses with sleeves, making them the ideal choice if you’re looking for a cocktail dress that you can wear for more than one occasion.  Because kaftans come in such a wonderful array of colours, patterns, and styles, you have almost endless options to create an outfit that is uniquely you.  Many plus size women feel more confident in plus size kaftans rather than plus size cocktail dresses because they offer a more flattering fit and because they will continue to fit and look fantastic even if you gain or lose a few pounds.


Find out more about the differences between kaftan dresses and cocktail dresses.

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Why Buying Plus Size Clothing Online At Laloom Is Safe & Secure

Ready to buy a plus sized kaftan to suit your shape and style? We all know that buying plus size clothing online is so much easier than going into a store.  You don’t have to deal with sales people, tiny changing rooms, or unflattering strip lighting: instead you can choose and try on those key pieces in the comfort of your own home.  But whilst we know that buying plus size clothing online is convenient, many shoppers question whether it’s safe.

If you’re shopping with Laloom, the answer is, yes!  Buying plus size clothing online at Laloom is both safe and secure.  We have a robust privacy policy in place, that we follow to the letter.  Protecting the privacy of our customers is incredibly important to us.

Information collected on our website will be kept in strict confidence and will not be sold, rented, disclosed or loaned.  Any information that we no longer require will be destroyed securely: your details are safe with us!

We accept payment from a wide range of sources, so that you can pick the payment source that best suits you: because we care about our customers, we will only offer payment choices that are safe and secure.  When you’re buying plus size womens clothing online we want you to feel happy and confident about sharing your details with us!

Finally, we protect all of our customers with our no questions asked returns policy. If you order a full price piece and you don’t like it for whatever reason, you can send it straight back to us for a full refund, exchange, or store credit.  Alternatively, if you order a sale price piece and you don’t like it for whatever reason, you can send it straight back to us for exchange or a store credit.  Just further reason why you can feel fully safe and secure when you choose to buy plus size women’s clothing online from Laloom; we want all of our customers to be as happy as possible, and we will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.


Find out more about why buying plus size clothing online at Laloom is safe and secure.



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