Plus Size Dressing Tips To Look Drop Dead Gorgeous On Date Nights

Plus Size Dressing Tips To Look Drop Dead Gorgeous On Date Night, Laloom Kaftans

The perfect date night outfit will turn heads and leave a lasting impression.  Whether you’re going on a first date with a new guy or a weekly date with a long-term lover, it’s important to impress with confidence.

Plus size dressing for date nights can be tricky, but with the right outfit and styling tips, it’s easier than you might think.  Whether you’re looking for casual dinner outfits, something to wear to the movies, or even a flattering dress for grabbing a coffee we’ve got you covered!  Here are our three favourite plus size dressing tips to help you look drop dread gorgeous on date nights:

Dresses For A Special Night Out, Moonlight Dancing Long Silk Kaftan, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo:  Moonlight Dancing Long Kaftan Dress

Embrace Your Size

No matter what the number inside your dress, you have a lot to offer and you deserve to find love!  Embrace your size and dress with confidence when you’re heading out on a date.  Showcase your curves and flaunt your figure in plus size dresses that make you feel great when you slip into them.

Struggling to find size 18 cocktail dresses that you love?  Why not embrace a modern bohemian style with a loose-fitting kaftan dress instead!  Designed to fit women of all sizes, thanks to their figure skimming cut and shape, kaftan dresses make wonderful casual dinner outfits when styled with heels, oversized high-shine jewellery, and a coordinating clutch bag.  The best thing about these size 18 dresses is that it doesn’t matter if you lose or gain a few pounds, they will still fit you perfectly; ideal if you want to buy a dress now and still be able to wear it month after month down the line.

Think about the silhouette you want to create on your date when plus size dressing: If you want to truly embrace and showcase your curves then add a waist cinching belt to your outfit to highlight your shape.  If you prefer to hint at the shape underneath your outfit, rather than show it off overtly, then wear a slip dress underneath your kaftan dress and float ethereally into your date.


Date Night Dressing, Monaco Long Kaftan Dress, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo:  Monaco Long Kaftan Dress

Don’t Shy Away From Colour

The little black dress (LBD) is ubiquitous when it comes to date night plus size dressing.  Many women opt for a chic and simple black dress because it is safe and they assume that it will make them look slimmer but, actually, little black dresses can often look non-descript and boring.

Instead embrace colour: don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.  Don’t feel that you have to wear black and disappear into the background.  Look for colours that make you feel confident and which compliment your skin tone…..and wear patterns that make you happy!  One of the most commonly published plus size dressing tips is to shy away from pattern, but actually the right patterns can skim over your lumps and bumps and instantly make you look longer and leaner than ever before.

So, what kind of patterns should you be looking for?  Vertical stripes, leopard print, and bold floral patterns are all popular choices for size 18 dresses and size 18 cocktail dresses and for good reason: they draw the eye down the body, they incorporate colours that are universally flattering, and they attract attention for all the right reasons.  Let your outfit reflect your personality, so choose colours and styles that are as bold and unusual as you!

Kaftans For Date Nights, St Tropez Long Kaftan Dress, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo: St Tropez Long Kaftan Dress

Highlight Your Assets

What’s your best feature?  Whatever answer popped into your head is the part of your body your date night dress should highlight.  If you have great legs but are self-conscious of your arms then look for a short dress with long sleeves.  If you want to show off your décolletage then look for a dress with a deep v or a button up front to showcase your assets at their best.  Meanwhile if your proud of your hourglass curves then look for a dress that will put them centre stage.

Fundamentally, you want to approach your date as the best possible version of yourself.  That means highlighting your assets and downplaying any parts of your body you might be a little more self-conscious of.  By thinking about what you wear in these terms, you will instantly create outfits that look great and reflect who you really are, and you will be perfectly dressed for your next date night, whether you’re looking for plus size outfits or not!



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