Kaftan Styling Tips

Kaftan Styling Tips, Laloom Kaftans

Kaftan dresses are one of the most versatile pieces any woman can have in their wardrobe.  These fun, lightweight dresses can be styled in a myriad of different ways meaning that if you have a kaftan then you’ll have an outfit for every occasion.  But don’t just take our word for it!  Here are some of our favourite kaftan styling tips to help you wear your brand-new kaftan in dozens of different ways:

How To Style A Kaftan, A Wish & A Hope Long Kaftan, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo:  A Wish and A Hope Long Kaftan Dress

Traditional Ways To Wear A Kaftan

Beautiful, free flowing and loosely fitting, kaftans are perfect for beating the heat of the summer sun thanks to both the coverage and the level of air circulation that they offer.  For this reason, most lists of kaftan styling tips will focus on the traditional uses for these lightweight cover ups, such as wearing them over your swimsuit on the beach or by the pool.

The vast majority of kaftan aficionados will wear their kaftans when they’re in holiday mode, but not just to protect themselves from the sun.  You could also wear your kaftan with crystal embellished flip flops and oversized sunglasses for cocktails at a pool side bar or an al fresco lunch.  Add wedge heels and a coordinating clutch bag and you’re ready for a low-key date.  You could even throw your kaftan over lightweight jeans for a day of sightseeing or shopping in the local market town.  The number of traditional ways to wear a kaftan is almost overwhelming.

Wearing a kaftan with jeans steps away from the traditional remit of the kaftan slightly, and is one of the styling tips on this list that many fashion fans struggle to get right, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

In this photo:  Molokai Short Kaftan (L) and Waimea Bay Short Kaftan (R)


How To Wear A Kaftan With Jeans

The key to wearing your kaftan with jeans is to choose jeans with a slim fit: skinny jeans, cigarette pants, or cropped pedal pusher jeans are all great options.  When it comes to choosing the colour of your jeans, the world really is your oyster!

White jeans will add a light, bright and summery feel whilst black and blue jeans are universal classics that will coordinate with almost anything.  If you have a plain, block coloured kaftan then you could opt for patterned jeans: polka dot and animal print are bang on trend this season.  But this bold and fashion-forward look is not for the fainthearted!

If you’re worried that wearing an oversized kaftan over your jeans will add too much width and bulk to your frame then replace your pumps or flat sandals with leg lengthening wedges instead.  Shoes in nude shades will also make your legs look longer and leaner, and will compliment any kaftan colour or pattern.

Styling Tips For Kaftans, Niihau Long Kaftan, Laloom KaftansIn this photo:  Niihau Long Kaftan Dress

How To Wear A Kaftan In The Evening

Because our kaftans are available in a variety of different lengths, it’s easy to choose the perfect version to suit any evening occasion.  Wondering how to wear a kaftan in the evening?  It’s more straightforward than you might think: choose a floor-length kaftan for formal occasions such as weddings, dinner parties, and black-tie events.  Choose a mid-length kaftan for cocktail parties, date nights, or informal catch-ups with your girlfriends.

The key to wearing a kaftan in the evening and taking your favourite kaftan from day to night is to accessorise wisely.  By switching up your accessories you can change the whole look and feel of an outfit.  Options include raiding your jewellery box to add sparkle and shine: oversized chandelier earrings will always add after dark elegance to an outfit.

Metallic heels are a great footwear option: if you don’t like to wear heels then another great styling tip is to wear metallic flats with jewel embellishment, and these will still add a touch of glamour to your look.

Finally, think about the colour of the kaftan you choose for evening events.  Whilst there’s no rule that you have to wear dark colours after dark, they do tend to look more formal.  With this in mind, look for patterns set against black or navy blue rather than white or cream.  You could even look for a kaftan that will do all the hard work for you, by picking one that is embellished around the collar or the hemline.



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