Kaftan Season

Kaftan Season, Laloom Kaftans


In our last blog, The Silk Road, we introduced you to one of the beautiful fabrics we prefer to use here at Laloom, and in this week’s blog, we want to share with you all about Kaftans!  Kaftan season is here, in fact, it’s an all-year season, let us tell you why…

A Kaftan or Caftan traditionally was a long, loose garment, resembling a robe or overdress, usually reaching to the ankles with long sleeves.  For thousands of years, many cultures spread throughout the world have worn simple kaftans due to their easy fit and no-fuss structure, although the more elaborately designed pieces were usually worn in royal courts – some being so fantastic they were given as gifts as a mark of favour from one noble to another.  Kaftan dresses first appeared in Persia around 600 B.C.  The Kaftan trend has re-emerged throughout the fashion history many times; most notably in 1967 when the Beatles made a trip to India where they were hugely influenced by their yogi and guru Maharishi Mahesh.  They shared their “India Experience” with their fans by setting new trends in music and fashion.

Kaftan Season, Elizabeth Taylor, Laloom Kaftans

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first to popularise kaftans in Hollywood and continued loving kaftans throughout her life.  In the eighties, the kaftan lost its allure among the trendy but remained strong and essential to the more mature crowd.  Nowadays, after vintage became ‘in’, thanks to the likes of Kate Moss, kaftans are making a big comeback.  A lot of stars are wearing kaftans to interviews, events, premieres, or galas like Christina Hendricks, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie, to name a few.  All of them rock the look while mixing and matching it with modern pieces. (We’ll talk about styling your kaftan outfit in a future blog post.)

Kaftan Season, Ashley Olsen, Laloom Kaftans


 Latest designs are not only limited to long sleeves but they also include spaghetti straps and halter designs.  Necklines in kaftans have also changed a lot now offering square cuts, off the shoulder and v-necks to make a woman feel more attractive and sexy.

Another major change in kaftans is their length. Kaftans are not only available in ankle length but as tops (‘kaftops’) and short dresses too.  Kaftops are also popular as an elegant twist to business wear or a more formal style to leisure wear.  Though they are simple, they stand out among other dresses more commonly used.  The kaftan continues to change with the times, with embellishments and diverse patterns offering a more feminine silhouette.

Kaftans For All Seasons, Dreamtime Short Kaftan, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo:  Dreamtime Beach Short Kaftan Dress


With the choices of fabrics such as silk, kaftans can be worn in both winter and summer.  Now, as then, the drapey dresses appeal to diverse audiences, from starlets on the red carpet, to casual weekend brunches, to summer beach vacationers.  The elegant yet simple kaftan is an excellent choice and works seamlessly into every occasion with ease without you having to wonder whether or not you made the right choice. Feel elegant and demure on a cruise, feel confident and sunburn free on the beach, or spice up a boring office outfit.  Laloom kaftans are designed to flow, not to hug your figure.  Your flaws are hidden and your strengths are highlighted due to the beautiful design of the kaftan.

Kaftan season is every season!




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