How Wearing The Right Kaftan Can Help You Look And Feel Great

How Wearing The Right Kaftan Can Help You Look And Feel Great


A figure flattering kaftan should be a key part of any stylish woman’s summer wardrobe. Not only is a kaftan a great way of smoothing any lumps and bumps when you’re lounging on the beach, it is also a fun and stylish throw on to help elevate your look for BBQs, outdoor picnics, a trip to the local farmers market, and any other exciting summer event you want to look fabulous for!

Elegant and stylish, the kaftan has high-fashion credentials. Pucci, Prada and Marni have all incorporated them into their runway shows. Adding one to your own wardrobe is a great way to inject style and colour into your summer wardrobe, and ensure you feel as confident as possible when you’re on the beach or by the pool. 

One of the main reasons why the kaftan is so popular is because it is so easy and effortless to wear: the simple, lightweight design will compliment any swimwear option, whilst the wide range of vibrant colours and patterns available will help you to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Here’s how to pick the right kaftan for you to ensure you look and feel great, no matter what the occasion:

 Love Your Long Line Kaftan

In this photo:  Bondi Beach Long Kaftan Dress

There are many reasons for the enduring popularity of the long line Kaftan. Because they provide a little extra coverage, they are often chosen by women who are self-conscious of their legs. They’re also a great choice if you prefer to dress modestly, but still want to feel cool in something lightweight on the beach.

And let’s not forget that in our hot climate, a longer kaftan is a great choice to cover as much of your body as possible and protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

In this photo:  Sun Island Long Kaftan Dress

Team your long line kaftan with a stylish pair of sandals for an effortlessly elegant look. We love this tropical print silk Kaftan which looks great paired with metallic leather flats. To elevate it further, add a skinny leather belt and an oversized beaded necklace. The belt will emphasise your figure, creating feminine curves, whilst the long line of the necklace will draw attention to your décolletage: ideal for a night of sipping cocktails by the pool.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can only wear your kaftan on the beach! It will also look great worn:

– For lunch in a beachside restaurant
– To your neighbour’s pool party
– As an easy cover-up to protect from the sun’s rays
– Exploring sleepy town and local markets on vacation
– Laying on that yacht you always dreamt of owning!

Float In A Fun Short Kaftan

Shorter length kaftans, which fall just above the knee, tend to be a more popular choice for the modern woman. These kaftans provide all the benefits of a longer line kaftan, but with extra inches of flirty exposed leg!

Minimalist in style, short kaftans are a great choice if you’re looking for a versatile piece that can double up as a cocktail dress when you’re on vacation. Although typically associated with evening wear, there’s no reason why your favourite kaftan can’t also serve double duty when it’s time to party.

In this photo:  Pampelonne Beach Short Kaftan Dress


When choosing your kaftan, think carefully about the fabric that you pick. If you want to cover up but still stay cool then we recommend choosing a natural fibre such as cotton or silk. These are breathable fabrics that will keep your body cool whilst feeling great: silk is a particularly good option for this. We love this short silk kaftan in a beautiful vintage-inspired paisley print which is a great choice if you’re looking for a stand out look.

How ever and where ever you wear it, wear your kaftans with confidence. This confidence will radiate through and ensure that your look is strong, stylish, and sure to attract attention for all the right reasons.



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