Casual Dress Code Tips For Sultry Summer Fun

Casual Dress Code Tips For Sultry Summer Fun, Laloom Kaftans

Have you received an invitation which lists a casual dress code?  Wondering what to wear?  Many people mistakenly assume that a casual dress code is easier than a formal dress code but, for certain occasions, it poses its own unique set of challenges.  There is a fine line between looking appropriately casual and looking scruffy, and walking that line can feel like a tightrope walk.

Whether you’re looking for a casual outfit for a family get together, a day in a low-key office or even a casual party, here are our top tips for casual dress code dressing for women for every occasion:


Casual Dress Code Tips, Ka ula Kaftan Dress, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo:  Ka’ula Short Kaftan Dress

A Casual Dress Code In The Office

Truly casual dress codes in the work place are relatively rare (with most office environments opting for a smart casual approach), but if you’re invited to a work place with a casual dress code then that means that you’re permitted to wear clothing that is both comfortable and informal.  Jeans, sneakers, and low-key tees would all be permitted: however there are still items that will never be appropriate in the work place, no matter how casual it is.  Bermuda shorts, flip flops, t shirts with loud or offensive logos and anything too bright or otherwise distracting should all be saved for wearing at home.

So how do you get the casual dress code in the office right?  The key is to choose comfortable pieces from your everyday wardrobe, but pair them with coordinating accessories to ensure you maintain a certain level of office appropriateness.  So, for example, pair your favourite kaftan dress with a pair of flat ballet pumps in a complimentary shade for a look that is casual but still office friendly.  Alternatively, wear your favourite jeans and tee but add a fitted blazer or a fine knit cardigan to elevate your look.

Casual Dress Code For Summer Fun, Ko Olina Beach Short Kaftan, Laloom KaftansIn this photo:  Ko Olina Beach Short Kaftan Dress

A Casual Dress Code For A Party

Parties with casual dress codes are becoming increasingly common, particularly for informal day time gatherings.  Family barbecues, movie nights, picnics, low key dinners and even beach parties are all events where you might expect the casual dress code to dominate.  Given that the casual dress code is fundamentally a dress code of wearing whatever you like, that means that your options for dressing for these events are almost limitless.

When putting your outfit together, we recommend thinking about the practicalities of the occasion: if you’re enjoying a picnic, for example, you will need flat and comfortable shoes that you can wear on grass and an outfit that you can wear whilst sitting on the ground; a short dress and heels, then, is not the solution here!  Instead cut off shorts and a feminine blouse paired with flat leather sandals would pose a better alternative.

Don’t feel comfortable wearing casual clothes?  Then don’t feel obliged to!  You should never wear anything that doesn’t make you feel like you, just to conform to the casual dress code.  So if you don’t like to wear jeans or trousers then wear a casual dress instead.  Or if you don’t feel comfortable wearing flat shoes then wear heels: you can add casual details in other aspects of your outfit, whilst still staying true to you.

Perfecting the Daytime Casual Dress Code

We live in an increasingly casual society and, before 6pm, casual dressing is considered normal for most occasions.  Whether you’re heading to the shops, grabbing lunch with friends, or even catching a plane, you will find that most people are wearing casual clothes for the occasion.  Think jeans, slacks, sports-leisurewear, and lightweight cotton dresses.

If you want to stand out from the crowd of denim and comfortable cotton then a carefully chosen dress is always a great choice: a dress will fulfill the casual brief, but if your fellow attendees have lent towards a more smart casual interpretation of the dress code then you’ll still be appropriately dressed.  Not sure if an event has a casual dress code or smart casual dress code?  Our advice is to wear a lightweight and loose fitting kaftan dress or cotton day dress and then pop an oversized necklace or earrings in your handbag.  It’s amazing how quickly a well-placed piece of jewellery can elevate an outfit, making you look instantly more formal.



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