How To Get That Boho Style With Your Kaftans

How To Get That Boho Style With Your Kaftans, Laloom Kaftans


Kaftans are incredibly versatile and multifunctional.  But we like them best when they’re worn in a laid-back, bohemian style.  Plus size boho kaftans are a great way to introduce a bohemian feel to your wardrobe, and they’re incredibly easy to wear.

Whether you’re looking for something to wear at the weekend, or something to wear to a special occasion, the boho style kaftan is the answer to all of your wardrobe dilemmas.

Not sure how to wear yours?  Don’t worry, we’re here to help.  Here are our top tips on how to get the look with plus size boho style kaftans:


What Is Boho Style?

The modern bohemian style features loose boho style kaftans, maxi peasant skirts, and cotton blouses with oversized sleeves.  It takes its inspiration from Woodstock in the 1960s, patchwork and homespun folk fashions, and designers such as Saint Laurent, Etro and Chloe.

Traditional boho style was first adopted by artists at the turn of the century who were living a nomadic lifestyle, and living in poverty: their style was inspired by the gypsies and Romany people that they lived amongst.  The modern boho style first erupted onto the fashion scene thanks to Sienna Miller in 2004, and the cyclical nature of fashion means that it’s back with a bang.

Boho dresses and boho kaftans sit at the heart of the modern boho style.  Signature styles are oversized, layered, and constructed from natural fibres.


How To Wear Plus Size Boho Kaftans

Free flowing and effortless, plus size boho dresses and plus size boho style kaftans are perfect for injecting style and pattern into your weekend wardrobe.  They are also wonderfully versatile: they can be worn in a wide variety of different ways to create several different styles.  No matter what the occasion, your plus size boho style kaftan is appropriate.

For Low Key Weekends

Want to wear your kaftan at the weekends?  Of course you do!  It’s easy, breezy, and ensures you always look great.  Add a modern twist to your favourite plus sized boho style kaftan by pairing it with crisp white sneakers and a cropped denim jacket.  Looking for a more conventional bohemian feel?  During the summer months a crochet vest and tan leather sandals worn over your boho style kaftan would be a wonderful throwback to the days of Woodstock and is perfect for heading to your local street festival, food market, or brunch with your girlfriends.

Plus Size Boho Kaftans, Cocoa Island Short Kaftan, Laloom Kaftans

In this photo:  Cocoa Island Short Kaftan Dress

For Days in the Office

Whilst kaftans are conventionally worn as beach cover ups or dresses, don’t underestimate the positive impact that your boho style kaftan could have on your workwear wardrobe.  Boho inspired styling can look great in the office, especially if you work in a creative or informal environment.  Choose a kaftan with a belted waist for a flattering fit and wear it over slimline black cigarette pants or cropped trousers.  Add a cropped coordinating jacket during colder winter months, and a simple pair of leather pumps, for an outfit that will inject some personality into the board room.


For Lazy Beach Days

When you’re headed to the beach the plus size boho style kaftan really comes into its own.  Dress for the heat in a lightweight patterned kaftan featuring delicately detailed boho embroidery or embellishment.  Pair with an embellished clutch bag and coordinating sandals or flip flops to create a low-key bohemian beach look that is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.  After dark, don’t be afraid to amp up your look by switching your flip flops for a pair of statement heels.

For Special Occasions

Looking for something special to wear for an upcoming event or special occasion?  There’s no reason that your favourite plus size boho style kaftan can’t rise to the occasion, with the help of the right accessories.  Add a little glitz and sparkle with the help of an embellished belt, necklace, and heels.  Jewellery constructed from natural materials forms a key part of the typical bohemian aesthetic: unusual tribal pieces, or pieces inspired by native American jewellery trends are incredibly popular this season.  Elevate your boho influences and create a special evening look that will really make a statement.




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