The Art of Cover-ups

The Art of Cover-ups

In our previous blog post, we introduced our new embellished silk kaftans, great for both leisure and resort wear, and we shared some tips for your annual spring clean.  Today, we want to discuss Laloom Kaftan Style and the art of 'cover-ups'.

Growing Movement
Have you noticed the growing shift in ladies' fashion today?  Women of all ages in one-piece swimsuits at the beach, loose kaftans replacing tank tops in the summertime, layered kaftans instead of tight sweaters in the winter.  It's all part of a growing modesty movement in the fashion world, where more showy styles take a backseat to classier, more conservative looks.

The Go-To Cover Up
Kaftans are the ultimate cover-up, whether for the beach, poolside, or perhaps on a cruise.  The kaftan dress is a garment that adds casual style with a touch of elegance - and can change up from day to night.  For summer, they're excellent garments to camouflage the parts of your body you feel vulnerable of (cellulite, flabby tummy etc). Whether you prefer a solid or a print, kaftans appeal to every body shape.  They can be sheer to add to that sexy chic vibe or for a total comfort piece, you can choose a non-sheer kaftan style that covers all and allows you to truly relax.

In this photo: Kaftan dresses worn loose at the beach.  On the left, an example of a non-sheer kaftan (Pretty In Pink), and on the right, an example of a sheer kaftan (A Wish & A Hope)

The reason for the popularity of kaftans is not just limited to their fabric or cutting style.  They are also the best summer clothing (loose, light and provide protection from the sun); even celebrities love them; they're the best remedy for fear of the beach scene; and they offer a gorgeous alternative to cover up during pregnancy.

How to Wear Kaftans
You can wear your beach kaftans, silk kaftans, or any type of kaftan as a kaftan dress - making the most of a long, loose flowing garment in its original form.  This style is truly bohemian and projects confidence when worn as it shows you're truly relaxed in your own skin.  Women often look on with envy at these ladies who in such a relaxed manner, cruise around in their gorgeous kaftan dresses.

Visual Focus
If you're blessed with gorgeous legs that go for miles, like our beautiful model Cathie, you can create your outfit to flatter those assets!  In this photo, Cathie is wearing 'Kandolhu' with a short white slip.  The slip in this instance is about as long as the kaftan so it is not really obvious.  When I wear this short style of kaftan, I wear a slightly longer white slip so it peeps out beneath the kaftan dress.

Put Together
Go for a more formal look by wearing your kaftan over long white pants.  In this photo, Cathie is also wearing a white cami underneath the kaftan to go with the overall effect of white underneath.  This is a great outfit to wear when the weather is a bit cooler, trans-seasonal, or if you're out and about and want to cover your legs.  Full-length pants also help to lengthen the appearance of your body.  As an alternative to wearing full-length pants, I often wear capris pants, mine just cover the knees.  This is a cute summer look, and a little more casual than the long pants.


More than one kaftan??
It often happens that we think one or two kaftans in the wardrobe is enough.  But why think in a one-dimensional way when each year more and more beautiful kaftans online and in-store come out?  Laloom is no exception, this summer we have more than thirty new kaftans Australia wide and internationally available.  These new kaftans and resort wear come in some drop-dead gorgeous prints and styles.

In this photo: Mustique

You might ask how can we get more use out of a garment?  Surely, the kaftan look is really making a statement that is the same each time you wear one, even if they are in a different pattern and colour?  At Laloom, we definitely know this is not the case.

In this photo: PaiPai

Each kaftan dress has its own special look to it, and with so many options in wearing a kaftan you don't have to feel like owning more than one kaftan will be a repetitive look in your wardrobe.  It takes just a bit of imagination, resourcefulness and of course, an inherent style.  Using pieces you already have in your wardrobe - it certainly isn't a problem to whip up a new expression in fashion each time you change it up with your kaftans.


In this photo: Flamingo

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