Wearing Kaftan Dresses To Beach Weddings

Wearing Kaftan Dresses To Beach Weddings, Laloom Kaftans

Beach weddings immediately conjure images of white sands, perfect blue seas, and romantic walks in tropical paradises.  They often have a laid back and informal feel, allowing the focus of the day to be on the happy couple, and on having fun.  Finding dresses to wear to a beach wedding, however, can be a little trickier.  Traditional formal wedding attire simply won’t make the grade.  But don’t worry: Kaftan dresses will provide the perfect alternative.

Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of wearing kaftan dresses to beach weddings:


Kaftan Dresses Are Lightweight And Won’t Crease When They’re Folded

That makes them the perfect option if you’re looking for dresses to wear to a summer beach wedding that can be carried in a suitcase with minimal maintenance needed when you reach your destination.  Simply hang your kaftan dress when you arrive and it will look immaculate when you want to wear it.  It also means that if you’re flying to reach a destination beach wedding then you won’t have to pay for extra postage to carry heavy occasion wear in your luggage.

Kaftan Dresses & Beach Weddings, The Cannes Long Kaftan Dress, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo:  The Cannes Long Kaftan Dress

Kaftan Dresses Look Great With Flat Shoes

Whilst kaftan dresses look fantastic paired with glamorous heels for formal occasions, they also look incredible paired with lightweight and summery flats.  That’s great news for beach weddings, where heels would sink into the sand and be thoroughly impractical.  Choose flat embellished sandals to compliment the embellishment on your kaftan instead.

Kaftan Dresses Are Loose And Flowing

They are designed to fit women of all shapes and sizes, in the style of plus size maxi dresses.  That means that it doesn’t matter if you lose or gain a few pounds (or overindulge on the cocktails and desserts during your beach vacation) because your dress will still fit you perfectly.  Their loose and flowing nature also means that kaftan dresses will move beautifully when caught by a gentle ocean breeze.

In this photo:  Bondi Beach Long Kaftan Dress

Kaftan Dresses Are Vibrant And Colourful

Palm trees, clear blue seas, golden sands – it’s a recipe for bold patterns and eye-catching colours.  Our range of kaftan dresses come in a wide array of colours and patterns, making them perfect for attracting attention for all the right reasons.  You’re sure to steal the show at your next beach wedding.

Kaftan Dresses Are Easy To Accessorise

Whether you want to wear a wide brimmed beach hat, a traditional floral fascinator, or ooze glamour in an abundance of statement jewellery and embellishment you can use your kaftan as a canvas for your own unique sense of style.  With the right accessories, your kaftan dress will be appropriate for beach weddings of any level of formality: there’s nowhere you can’t wear it!  If you choose a bold printed kaftan then pair with neutral accessories, whilst plainer kaftans can be elevated with bold and eye-catching accessories.  It’s the perfect way to ensure your beach wedding outfit look entirely unique.

Kaftan Dresses Come In A Variety Of Lengths

Whether you want to showcase sun-kissed limbs in a short kaftan or create a sleek and elongated silhouette in a floor length maxi dress kaftan, the kaftan is one of the most versatile types of dresses you can choose for a beach wedding, no matter what your body shape or your personal tastes.  Your kaftan can be tailored for a beach wedding, ensuring that you feel confident for the big day.

Beach Weddings & Kaftans, Kua Bay Long Silk Kaftan, Laloom KaftansIn this photo:  Kua Bay Long Short Kaftan Dress

Kaftan Dresses Are Modest

Many women like to dress modestly for all weddings including beach weddings, choosing to cover their shoulders, legs and décolletage.  The kaftan dress is the perfect option for this, particularly if it is worn over a simple slip dress which will make the sheer fabric look opaque.  Choose a slip that fits closely to your figure, and your kaftan dress will hint at your shape underneath when you wear it in a more formal beach wedding environment.

Kaftan Dresses Don’t Look Bridal

Finally, there is no bigger fashion faux pas than dressing like a bride to a beach wedding.  Wedding guests should never wear white, or dresses with full skirts that could tread on any toes.  Because beach brides tend to wear more informal bridal gowns, beach wedding guests should also opt for more informal dresses than they might wear conventionally.  The kaftan dress is the perfect option for this, combining informality with effortless elegance.



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