Spring Summer Kaftans And Resort Wear Trends

Spring Summer Kaftans And Resort Wear Trends, Laloom Kaftans


Spring is here in Australia!  It’s the perfect time of the year to update your look, add a piece here or there to your wardrobe, and to get out your favourite colourful and flowing garments for the season, and in preparation for summer.

In this week’s Laloom blog post, we want to share some of the hottest kaftan and resort wear trends for spring and summer in our latest collections, and some ideas on how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.


In this photo:  Cannes Long Kaftan Dress


Sheer Luxury – Layering

This season standing out on the global catwalks for 2014, spring and summer fashion is all about transparency whilst still being modest.  With the majority of kaftans being sheer, you might wonder what to wear underneath your kaftans or worry about showing too much or certain areas you don’t want to be seen.

Underlays such as camisoles, boob tubes, bandeau bras and high-cut briefs in matching or neutral colours, can give you full control over how much skin you’re exposing, and what areas of your body you’re willing to cover-up.  Fashionista’s call this the peek-a-boo effect”.

Visit our earlier post ‘What’s underneath your kaftan? for more ideas and tips for what to wear underneath your kaftans.

Outfit idea: try layering on top of another dress, with your kaftan acting as a transparent overlay, it is perfect for holiday wear (easy to pack and effortless styling to spruce up your other dress underneath).

Resort Wear Trends, Mini Kaftan, Kaftop, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo:  Laloom Mini Kaftan Style

Cropped To Effect

In line with the transparency effect, another trend this spring summer is the cropped top.  Laloom’s answer to this is the mini kaftan.  Gasp!  Does this mean you have to have killer abs and a super toned, flat belly?  Don’t worry if you don’t, Laloom has you covered – literally!

Laloom mini kaftans length measure from shoulder to hem is 57cm, covering the top of pants or skirts.  Depending on the wearer’s height it should drop to around the hip bone length or just below the hip. The mini kaftans at Laloom have either a wide round neck which allows them to be worn off one shoulder, or with a tie neck allowing them to be a wide v when untied, or a smaller round neck when tied.  To adopt the other season trend of layering with sheer fabrics, choose a camisole to wear under the mini kaftan.

Outfit idea: Try pairing your jeans with your mini kaftan for a more casual, laid-back resort wear look.

Kaftan Dresses For Spring & Summer, Ka'ula Short Kaftan, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo: Ka’ula Short Kaftan Dress

This Season

We’re excited to share a great new variety of trendy colourful prints.

Sensational silks
– a great variety of our finest silk fabrics.

– think of spring with some gorgeous feminine prints.

– earthy prints reminiscent of Africa, and vibrant, colourful and glossy tribal prints.

– for those colourful and hot summer prints that everyone will love to wear whether for a party, casual lounge wear or hosting a cocktail party, our new styles are simply gorgeous.

Along with our ever popular regular V neckline styles – short kaftans, knee length kaftans (great on petite women that find the full-length kaftan too long), and long kaftans are back with more necklines styles to choose from in our Spring/Summer collection:

Tie neck
– when tied the neckline is round with a peephole under the tie. When untied and let loose the kaftan is transformed into a more relaxed garment, quite sexy and can be worn off one shoulder.

Scoop neck – a great neckline that opens the décolletage more softly than the traditional v neckline.

Wide round neck
– very cool, looks great worn off one shoulder or sits at the edge of your shoulders.




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