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About Laloom, Laloom Kaftans




Hi, my name is Alison and I am the owner of Laloom Kaftans.  I live on the Sunshine Coast in Qld with my husband, Graham.  Not only do we have 2 grown up children, but we are now the overly proud grandparents of Jax, our 4 year old, boisterous and very loving grandson, and Ella our 2 year old adorable and extra cute granddaughter.  Family is super important to us.......and so is Laloom!!




About Our Business

Laloom Kaftans is an online business, providing a no hassles and transparent online shopping experience.  We believe in being fair.  We strive to ensure the fabrics we choose and the quality of our products is second to none.  However, in this world of online shopping, we understand some customers feel it is a leap of faith to purchase online, you cannot physically see or feel the garment and you cannot try the garment on.  Our policy at Laloom is a no questions return policy.  Should our customer change their mind about a garment for any reason, we are happy to exchange or accept returns for a refund - no questions asked, but we do appreciate feedback so we can do better next time.

(refer to our terms and conditions for details of our returns policy)

About Our Sources

Our garments are produced in the bustling city of Delhi.  Our manufacturing partners are a small group, and being hand-picked by Laloom they were a perfect fit for our operation.  The factory, in a commercial area, is bright, airy, well ventilated and spotlessly clean.  The machinists are full-time employees with a salary, they are not 'piece paid' workers and they take pride in their workmanship.  Their equipment, sourced from Japan, is well maintained, free of dust and oil and in first class condition.  We visit the premises regularly to ensure our high expectations are consistently met.  Laloom considers this an ethical factory where the workers are well paid and well treated.


About Our Kaftans

We offer affordable and unique resort wear and leisure wear, producing simple kaftan dresses in amazing fabrics to the highest quality standards.  Because we use fabulous fabrics, these styles when thrown on will look great, the wearer can experiment and use their imagination to change the look by adding accessories, a belt or knotting excess fabric.  Change the look of the kaftan with a different colour slip, wear with pants, capris, jeans or over bathers, glam up by adding heels and jewels and head out for the night.

Simplicity also goes with the sizing.  Most garments look equally great on a petite size 10 lady as they do on the more curvaceous plus size lady.  This is again due to the fabulous fabrics used. Most kaftans have a width of 105cm, (some with an inner seam width of 70cm) but because the fabric drapes so beautifully, the fabric does not seem so voluminous, but rather floats and shimmers around you.  Everyone is a winner.


Easy Wear, Easy Care!!

.....you bring your beautiful new silk kaftan dress home, check out the care label and it recommends Hand wash,no need to dry clean unless you choose to do so.... which takes us back to our fabulous fabrics.  All are mill or digitally printed in China, the colours are fixed, there is no bleeding, meaning they are washable.  Our beautiful silks are hand washable (refer to care label and details on product page) and our synthetic fabrics are mostly machine washable (refer to garment care label and details on product page).


Perfect For Travel, For holiday, For A Cruise, For Home 

.....and so much more....we love kaftan dresses because they are so EASY,to wear, to clean, to pack, (pack it in a medium ziplock bag and it won't crease). Create the look you want and adopt the attitude of a cool relaxed woman in control, floating around in her gorgeous kaftan ...a glass of bubbles in hand, living the dream!


Unearth The Beauty Within

Begin your discovery.....long kaftans, short kaftans, maxi dresses, tunic tops and slip dresses.  Feast your eyes and enjoy the plethora of colour and exquisite prints!!


Laloom Provides  |  You Choose

The pure heaven of pure silk, the pure joy of polyester chiffon, the pure luxury of polyester satin and the pure comfort of cotton.....the choice is yours.
Embellished with golden crystals creating glamour and sophistication, or without.....the choice is yours.
Kaftan dress or maxi dress.....the choice is yours.
Mini kaftan or tunic top.....the choice is yours.


A Touch Of Class

Dressing has never been so easy or more stylish.  Shop kaftans online at Laloom for cool, comfortable and chic kaftan dresses.  Easy care and lightweight fabrics make kaftans the perfect travelling companion.  Shop online at Laloom kaftans and enhance your wardrobe with a touch of class.


Rare Beauties

Each style within the Laloom range is exclusive and has been produced in minimal quanities, so please make sure you select quickly as our exclusive, one time only styles, sell out fast.


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