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Fashion Misconceptions, Laloom Kaftans

Fashion Misconceptions

Blue and green should never been seen? We say phooey to that! Let’s stomp on a few offending fashion misconceptions…..
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Laloom Fashion Glossary, Laloom Kaftans

Laloom Fashion Glossary

The fashion industry is full of confusing terms. Become a fashion savvy shopper with our guide to common fashion descriptions…..
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Dressing Your Curves This Summer, Laloom Kaftans

Dressing Your Curves This Summer

Summer is scary for curvier women, right? Let us dress your curves to create a silhouette to envy…..
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Summer Christmas, Laloom Kaftans

Summer Christmas

Xmas is the time for fun, love, laughter and special times. Laloom’s gift and outfit ideas for this Xmas…..
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Kaftans And Resort Wear To Travel Light, Laloom Kaftans

Kaftans And Resort Wear To Travel Light

Travelling? Laloom has your packing woes covered. Here are some ideas to put stylish outfits together, without busting the suitcase…
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Spring Summer Kaftans And Resort Wear Trends, Laloom Kaftans

Spring Summer Kaftans And Resort Wear Trends

Let’s look at the latest trends for spring and summer and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe…..
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What If Your Kaftan Isn't Made Of Silk, Laloom Kaftans

What If Your Kaftan Isn’t Made Of Silk?

There is no doubt that silk is a wonderful fabric, but let’s talk about the benefits of man-made fibres…..
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Kaftan Season, Laloom Kaftans

Kaftan Season

Kaftan season is an all-year season……Let us tell you why…..
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Silk Road, Laloom Kaftans

The Silk Road

“Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand” – Oscar de la Renta. The silk story…..
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The Story Behind Laloom, Laloom Kaftans

The Story Behind Laloom

The story behind Laloom, the home of beautifully made 100% pure silk kaftans and gorgeous resort wear…..
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