New Year Style Resolutions and 2015 Trend Update

January 12, 2021

Happy New Year from all of us at Laloom!  We’re excited to kick off our first blog post of the year with some fashion inspirations!  New Year – the perfect time to start anew and freshen up your style and wardrobes.  Beyond the standard resolutions on most people’s New Year Resolutions lists (eat healthier, save more money, make more time to meditate etc.) we want to share a few style specific resolutions on trend for 2015.

Going flat

The Trend
Thanks to the higher fashion powers that be comfortable shoes are making it big this year!  So whether you’re into sneakers, appreciate minimal two-strap sandals, or love colourful thongs—they all can be paired beautifully with resort wear – casual yet sophisticated kaftan dresses or maxi dresses.

In this photo: Akila Tunic

2015 Role model
Jamie Feldman, associate style editor at Huffington Post, who in 2015 wants to give her feet a break and vows to wear better fitting shoes with added support more often!  “I’m going to save high heels for special occasions only and start taking better care of my feet”, she says.;

Swap Gold for Silver

The Trend
According to Vogue, while dainty gold jewellery was huge in 2014 – sparkling platinum pieces will work their way back into style this year.  Other jewellery that will still be on trend from last year will include long necklaces, chunky accents, and geometric shapes.

In this photo: Bloom Tunic

Romantic Bohemian

The Trend
Forget strict and sharp.  According to Vogue, 2015 is all about loose, dramatic, and above all gorgeous flow.  Think long flowing dresses, in floral prints and soft colours. Make sure your maxi dress practically touches the floor and has a flattering neckline.

In this photo: Lanai Maxi Dress

Sheer Beauty

In this photo: Chiffon Kaftan Botanica with round neck

2015 Role model
Nedahl Stelio of the Sydney Morning Herald, who advises the sheer trend so loved in 2014 will be big in 2015 too – think transparent dresses and tops! “I’m going to relax & sashay along for the rest of summer in floaty pieces”

We’re seeing Yellow

The Trend
From amber, lemon and canary to saffron and marigold or ochre, trust that there is a shade of yellow for everyone.  The trick is figuring out your skin’s undertone and then finding the hue that best complements it.

In this photo: Havana long kaftan dress

2015 Role model
Fashion & style guru Rachel Zoe shares in an interview her choices for 2015 resort trends that Yellow is in, “Yellow is everywhere for resort wear this year, adding a little sunshine to everyone’s wardrobe” she says.

Investment Pieces

The trendy resolution
Instead of buying several cheap pieces at the start of this year that you’ll probably end up chucking out after a few washes, buy one really great garment that you can wear into the next decade.  According to Glamourmagazine, that’s the key to building a fabulous wardrobe.  Furthermore, they emphasise the importance to invest in the basics first.  “Investing in quality basics is like laying a solid foundation for you to keep building upon,” says Glamour editorCindi Leive.

In this photo: Salvia Mini Kaftan

What are your style resolutions for this year? Tag us in your pics of the trendy you in 2015 @Laloom and visit our Facebook page & Pinterest boards.