May 14, 2021

Each year on the second Sunday in May we celebrate our mothers for Mothers Day.  This year we have asked our dearest and nearest to warm our hearts with musings about their mothers, grandmothers, and about being a mother.  Here is what we all had to say.

Alison – Laloom Head Honcho

Being a Mother – Wow, this is a subject I could talk about for days.  Before I had children, I was an independent, social, carefree young woman and not overly keen to give my lifestyle up.  However, give it up I did, and over a few years, became the mother of two gorgeous and loving boys.  My life changed forever, and I would not alter any of it.  I love being a mother, and it blows me away to this day how fiercely protective I am of my 2 children.  It is hard to describe the love a mother feels for her children.  The only way I could ever think to describe the feeling is that I am overflowing with love for them.  They will always be my ‘children’, and at 25 and 22 years of age, they are also now men.  They have grown into fantastic men – reliable, honest and trustworthy.  I am so proud of them both, they have made me a much different person to who I was 25 years ago.

Graham – Laloom 2IC – is from a family of 7 children

In life, my mother bought every emotion to my world, both good and not so good.  In youth, Mum gave me guidance and in adulthood gave me love and support.  Since Mum’s passing my memories have become stronger, and I thank her for everything.

Cathie – Laloom Uber Model and Mother of 2 gorgeous boys

I feel so incredibly blessed to be a Mum and raising my two very handsome young men Baylin (16 yrs) and Riley (13 yrs).  With Mother’s Day approaching, I love to reflect on the anticipation I felt bringing these miracle life forms into this World.  The intense and overwhelming emotions I felt greeting them were definitely the best two days of my life!  They both continue to be healthy, happy souls.  Nurturing them with unconditional love and guiding them through their lives has been my desired purpose.  I am so very proud of them.  They achieve well and want to please others.  They amaze me every day and grow every day too…I feel quite short now!  I am so grateful for each hug I receive as they lead more to their independent years.  I am in no rush for them to flee the nest but I am so very excited to see where their desires and ambitions lead them.  On Mother’s Day, they will make me feel special.  I know Riley will be a barista for the morning and make me a lovely coffee, and Baylin will be happy to make me something delicious to eat.

Rae – My blister (Sister) and Laloom Cheer Squad

Mabel Jessica Jennings (Jess)
My grandmother – Nana- was an accomplished seamstress.  She was good at it!  All through our childhood, she made our overcoats, shorts, tops and dresses.  After I had left home and was studying to become a teacher, I was very poor.  I had no money – ever – and so would go to spend some of my holidays with Nana and Pa.  Nana would take me to Bingo to raise a little cash.  Then we would go to the Op Shop and buy old clothes – choosing fabrics and patterns that we liked.  Nana would carefully unpick each item.  I would have an idea – something hip, something groovy that I desperately wanted.  Nana would lay the unpicked clothing out, pick up the scissors and start cutting, holding pieces up against my body.  Then the sewing machine would whirr.  More scissor work, more holding pieces up, tacking and sewing.  Soon, I would be wearing a new outfit – one that fitted, was up-to-the-minute stylish and in colours, patterns, and fabrics that I liked – and at a fraction of the cost!  Nana was my friend, I always felt that she liked me and understood me.  In return, I loved and looked up to her, she was a role model for me.  I still miss her terribly!

Natalie – Laloom Make Up Artist Extraordinaire

I love Laloom kaftans so much that I actually bought one for my mum after I saw this particular one we did a photo shoot with – I thought this kaftan would suit mum, it looked so comfy, pretty & just her styling.  When mum opened her gift she absolutely loved it as much as I had hoped she would & it is a gorgeous outfit.

Sally – Laloom Customer & Super Supporter

My Mum!  Well, it makes me smile just thinking about her, what a character she was.  She was very intelligent but could also be quite naive, she was also quite opinionated and had a great wit.  At fourteen as an only child she told her mother she wanted to go to boarding school, so she became quite independent from an early age.  If we hurt ourselves as children she would just tell us to get on with it, which wasn’t always a good thing because now as a 56-year-old I am paying the price for that lack of empathy!  She always did cryptic crosswords which I could never conquer and I hate to say my brother could, however, that gave my brother and mother a lovely interest.  Her strength made us what we are today.  She was a great Mum and friend.  To be quite honest, I don’t need a ‘day’ for Mother’s Day, because I think of her all the time and miss her dearly.

Claire – My blister (Sister) and Laloom Cheer Squad

Margaret Joyce Heywood was my mum.  She was fun, feisty and rather short.  You only get one mum, and mine was there for me no matter what.  Anytime, anything, always.  A phone call away.  A witness to my life.  An open ear.  Even if she really wasn’t that interested, or didn’t approve, there she was.  She was my dear friend and I miss her terribly.  As I age I sometimes catch myself, my reflection, my voice, a certain way of moving my hands…..and there she is.  Alive and kicking!  She lives in my bones, my skin, my DNA…..and always, always, always in my heart.

We really hope you have enjoyed this blog, and we welcome stories about your mothers, grandmothers, and children.

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