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Kaftans and resort wear to travel light

The summers in Australia are warm and sunny, and with this kind of weather, it’s the perfect season to showcase Laloom resort wear.  The kids are out of school so it might mean family vacation, or it might be the best time to take your annual leave to beat the summer heat inside your home (or you can enjoy the heat but instead in an island beach resort).  In last week’s Laloom blog we talked about spring summer kaftans Australia and resort wear trends.  In this week’s we talk about how you can take advantage of these trends while on the go and give some solutions to the ever persisting packing dilemma – Here are some ideas for putting together stylish and convenient outfits that won’t bust your suitcase:

Airport Chic
When you get to an airport, you’ll see a variety of different travel looks – some less practical than others. While we agree it’s up to everyone to express themselves as they wish, we believe the key to an airport chic, is convenience and comfort.  So that might mean ditching those strappy heels and that crisp white shirt you just ironed before you walk out the door.

Our solution:
You can start off your journey by getting your kaftans online and get into that holiday mood looking gorgeous in a Laloom kaftan.  These forgiving and flowing garments allow room to breathe, eat and drink while you’re waiting in the airport or you’re on the plane, train, helicopter (sounds exciting!). Whatever the mode of transport, kaftans give that extra comfort while also making a colourful fashion statement and can be restyled into another outfit you can wear another day too.

In this photo: Kandy Silk Kaftan

Variety & Versatility
Limited space, weight constrictions and the actual way garments get packed (will your favourite dress get creased in there?) all come into factor while packing and might compromise the quality of your outfit choices.

Our Solution:
 You can pack a variety of kaftans.  The smart flowing overdress is an effortless slip-on style statement. Kaftans can be easily packed in a small zip lock bag and there’s no need to iron them (the only heat you want to be feeling is from the rays of the sun).  They take little space in your suitcase (more room for shoes!) and can be re-worn and styled to create many different looks for any occasion taking you from day to night.  Plus they’re easy to clean – a quick rinse using a small amount of mild shampoo, then hung in the bathroom overnight to dry and your kaftan will ready to wear the next day – so convenient! 20140926_142034_resized-horz

In the zip lock bags: This will create options for about 10 –12 different outfits which can be dressy or casual. 

Kaftan bag has:

2 x long kaftans
1 x maxi dress
2 x mini kaftans
2 short kaftans 

Other ziplock bag:

2 x slips (white and nude)
1 x black pants
1 x capri white pants
2 x sandals


20140926_143541_resized-horz Below is an approved carry-on bag which can be taken on board all over the world on all types of planes from very big to very small 20140926_144308_resized-horz

The bag is less than half full, so plenty of room for a wrap, underwear, toiletries and whatever else.

Go Light
The popular weekend getaway is a common fashion dilemma.  Like longer holidays, you are dealing with space and packing issues, but even more limited given that you are probably only going to be using carry-on or hand luggage. satin kaftan in short style, luba tribal print

In this photo: Luba Satin Kaftan

Our solution:
Pack two-three Laloom kaftans and you’re set.  Our kaftans are ideal because they don’t crease; they’re light as a feather and take up little space in your bag.Kaftans keep you cool when it’s really hot, and they’re also great to throw on after you’ve had a swim.


Keep the Basics
Casual wear is needed for daytime sightseeing, and evenings call for something a little more formal for dinners.  Most places will say “resort wear” in the dress code on summer getaways, meaning ladies can get away with casual skirts and sun dresses.  Avoid packing separate outfits that can only be worn in very limited circumstances.  Kaftans should become a basic in your suitcase; they’re an elegant way to elevate your casual resort wear (something to go down to breakfast in with shorts and can also take you to the bar later on) and can also double as wonderful evening attire.

Our solution:
When we think of warm, sunny days and cloudless skies, we think of bright colours and prints.  You only need to pack a few Laloom garments – a long kaftan dress, a maxi dress, a couple of mini kaftans and a kaftop.  You can style them all differently as you’ll have more room in your suitcase for your other holiday staples – a pair of denim shorts, white slacks, and a couple of bathing suits.

In this photo: Left – Lanai Maxi Dress; Right – Yala Long Silk Kaftan Dress

Another way to save space is to bring more accessories. This way you can style outfits in more ways than one rather than bring more individual and separate set-out outfits.

Our solution:
Kaftans and resort wear are amped up with belts, sashes, and of course jewellery. See our previous blog Kaftan Stylin” for some more ideas on how to accessorise your kaftans.

In this photo: Yue Mini Chiffon Kaftan

Do you have plans for travelling this summer? What are your packing tips for fitting in a stylish wardrobe while on the go?

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