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Fashionably Cool

Summer is a season we all love to love but at times sometimes hate.  It can get so hot and sticky, especially in Australia.  Slip! Slop! Slap!” If you remember this saying from childhood growing up, you’ll know this sun smart campaign to always wear a shirt, put on a hat and wear sunscreen is key to staying safe and cool.  But how do you keep yourself cool and still look good at the same time?  In this week’s blog, we want to share some tips for staying fashionably cool this summer.

In this photo:  Layli Caribbean


Summer cool tip #1: Beat the heat by staying hydrated!  Keep some plastic bottles of water in the freezer; grab one when you’re ready to go out, as the ice melts you’ll have a supply of cold water on the go.

Embrace the light
Unlike a sarong or a sundress, kaftans are usually made out of much lighter material, which means that the wearer stays cooler for longer.  A kaftan looks very much like a dress which has sleeves & is made from very light & airy material.  This makes them ideal for hot weather dressing as they do not overheat the wearer or make them feel as though they have too much on.  The weight of the fabric is also important to consider, so silk and cotton kaftans are best to keep you cool.

In this photo: Venezuela Short Kaftan

Summer cool tip #2: Skip the foundation – you’re better off without rather than a melting, cakey face.

Colour me wonderful
Aim to wear lighter colours, as dark coloured garments absorb heat and make you feel hotter. The lighter the colour, the less heat it attracts, so try to choose brighter pastel colours like white, pink, yellow and orange.

In this photo: Yue Chiffon Mini Kaftan

Summer cool tip #3: Start your showers with hot water then towards the end of your shower, turn the water to a lukewarm or cool setting.  This lowers your body temp so you feel cooler.

Get in the flow
In an Aussie summer, it is popular to wear sundresses of some kind.  But many you will find are difficult to put on and off around the pool or beach.  Kaftans are the best solution, chic and easy to slip in and out of.  Flowing garments like kaftans with their looser cuts keep you cooler by letting more air circulate and helping the evaporation process along.  In fact, long-flowing, loose-fitting clothing keep you cooler than shorts – the best proof of this is Saudi clothing–their long robes promote air circulation and don’t stick to the skin.  Tight clothing is not only uncomfortable it prevents air getting to your skin.

Beautiful chiffon kaftan in botanica print

In this photo: Botanica Chiffon Long Kaftan

Summer cool tip #4: Style your hair so that it’s off your neck and away from your face more often. Think ponytails, loose hair buns, some in, some out etc.

Summer Kaftans
The fashion savvy sees the sense in the cool, comfortable kaftan shape for summer; many come in soft sheer silks, cotton lawns and chiffon with a certain degree of transparency.  Newer designs of kaftans are cut a little more revealing, with a range of necklines and lengths that appear much more feminine. They’re still forgiving for those with less than perfect body shapes but appeal equally to slim figures too because of the `hint’ of what’s underneath – making them the ideal Christmas gift for family & friends in the summer.

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In this photo: Turquoise Lola Lined Silk Kaftop

 Summer cool tip #5: Make your own peppermint mist: brew a pot of peppermint tea and stick in the fridge. Once it’s cold, pour into a spray bottle et oila – your own cool spritz. Better than cold water because the menthol in the tea will leave your skin with a nice, tingly cool feeling.


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