June 25, 2021

Fashion trends come and go, fashion rules come and go.  At Laloom our rules are pretty simple…be proud of the body you’ve got, accentuate your assets, camouflage your flaws, embrace who you are and how you feel and stride confidently through life.  In this blog, we are busting some pesky fashion myths.

Large Chest – Can’t Wear Prints
UNTRUE – Prints are great at concealing a large bust.  Eyes will be drawn to the print, not your bust.  Big, bold prints are best.

Large Chest – Can’t Wear A Button Up Shirt?
UNTRUE – I for one can attest to that.  So many times in the past I have avoided wearing button-up shirts because of the way the shirt gaped open between the buttons.  Yuk, not a great look.  Solution – safety pins.  Simply use a safety pin between the buttons to close the gap and no more flashing.  Perfect.

Shorter Women Can’t Wear Long Dresses?
UNTRUE – Long dresses can flatter a petite figure.  Choose a light fabric to avoid bulk and wear with a pair of wedge heels.  This will create a long line, lengthening your figure.  Never let the dress trail on the ground, have the hem taken up if need be.

Too Tall For Heels?
NEVER!!  Women of all heights look fantastic in heels, you just need some confidence to pull it off.  In all honesty, we shorties are envious of your height.  Walk tall ladies!!

In this photo:  Cobalt Long Kaftan Dress

High Heels VS Flats?
Most of us tend to think of high heels as more sophisticated then flats.  This is simply not the case.  There are plenty of extremely unsophisticated high heel shoes out there!!  Basically, it all boils down to the way you walk.  Walk tall, correct your posture, head and chin up, chest out, shoulders back – suddenly you’re a confident and sophisticated woman, regardless of what is on your feet.

In this photo:  Fleur Tunic Dress

Mixing Bright Colours?
I, for one, love colour and the more of it the better.  Mixing colour is now fashionable, most of the rules have flown out of the window and bright colours are modern and stylish.  Keep accessories and make up low key and let the colour do the talking.  Take a look at Claires’ Wedding photo (my sister), a great example of how to make a statement with colour.

Embellishments Can Only Be Worn In The Evening?
UNTRUE – We agree, embellishments are most certainly fabulous to wear in the evening.  However, we do not agree that they can only be worn in the evening!!  A beautifully embellished kaftan dress looks equally stunning during the day.  The shimmer of the stones in the sunlight is mesmerising, and can, and should, be worn at any time of day and night.

In this photo:  Sea Dream Short Kaftan Dress

Afraid To Wear White Pants?
Hands up if you mainly wear black pants because you think they make you look slimmer?  You’re right of course, black pants are slimming.  HOWEVER, white pants can be just as slimming if you choose the RIGHT white pants.  We all come in different shapes and sizes, and so do pants.  Go to a good store and get fitted for a nice pair of white pants in a cut that will flatter your shape.  All of a sudden, your wardrobe choices have doubled.

In this photo:  Kandy Short Kaftan Dress

Matching Your Purse With Your Shoes and Belt?
Not any longer!!  The rules have changed and now you can mix and match your purses, shoes and belts to your little hearts’ desire.  Hallelujah.  Be as low key or as high key as you like mixing colours and fabrics.  Not only can you get creative with your look, you also get more use of your purses, shoes and belts.  Win, win!!

Is Your Waist Too Round To Wear A Belt?
A common misconception that is frankly not true….wearing a wide belt at the smallest part of your waistline, highlights your waistline and gives you shape.

So, there you go, we’ve busted a few fashion myths here.

Everyone has their own style, and we think that is great.  Don’t listen to the naysayers, make your own decisions.  Be confident about who you are and how you look and you will always look fabulous because YOU believe you are fabulous.!!

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