Fashion Misconceptions

January 25, 2021

So many customers we speak to at feel nervous about putting outfits together. When they put on a garment over their head, slouching, looking into the mirror all they think they see is a frump!  They seem to almost take the view that whatever they wear is going to look terrible, so why bother trying?  In this week’s Laloom blog we want to stomp on a few of the most offending fashion misconceptions you or one of your loved ones might have, fashion is for everyone!

The biggest secret – and we know this might sound a bit cliché – is how you feel before you put on an outfit and how you feel when you’re in it!

In this photo: Serene Silk Chiffon Caren Dress

A is for attitude
Think of an outfit you think is really great, but like we mentioned earlier, you doubt would look good on you so you don’t even think to try it on.  Well, we dare you to just think about trying it on, imagine how you would feel trying it on and posing as if you were a star, “like a million dollars” as some would say when describing a fashionista that was hitting all the right notes when she stepped out on the street. What we’re trying to say, is that attitude goes a whole long way to pulling off an outfit.  When you imagine your outfit, get detailed, have fun with it, bring out accessories, at home try on shoes you think would go with the outfit, with a belt?  No belt?  Would you need to tie excess fabric?  Then take a photo with your best pose, then you can really say you know for sure how you would look…and when you do try the outfit on finally, it will be exactly as you pictured it.

Women over 40 can’t wear short dresses – well what would Jennifer Aniston say to that?
Ok, so not everyone looks like Jennifer Aniston (or has a personal trainer to keep them looking like she does) but there’s a lesson to be learned from the gorgeous 45-year-old and it is this – keep it simple and flaunt what you got. If you’ve got great legs, age doesn’t matter, keep the focus on your dress and let it do the talking, you don’t need to avoid minis because you think you’re too old or worried what will people say.  It goes back to attitude and confidence – you can style an outfit around your mini with elegance too – short doesn’t always mean overtly sexy when styled and paired with different shoes, accessories etc.  It can be even subtly sexy and at the same time so much cooler to wear on a hot day!

In this photo: Blush Short Kaftan with V Neck

Fashionistas aren’t born they’re made!
How many times have you seen someone wearing an outfit you wouldn’t dream of wearing – clashing prints, too mixy matchy for your taste…but somehow you can’t put your finger on what it is about it but they look fabulous!  There’s an air to them, they’re confident they look good and so they’re comfortable that they can pull the look off.  No one is just born with effortless style.  Style is personal and it grows with time.  It is usually inspired by many elements – from personal life experiences to your mood of the day – it’s just another way to express yourself.

High heels are more sophisticated than flats
Put on a pair of heels and it can change the way you carry yourself, but how many times is it because of the way they make you feel rather than the way you look?  Try altering your posture when you’re in flats or better yet when you’re barefoot – look in the mirror, shoulders back, chin up, chest out, et voila you can pull flats like any elegant ballerina could as she walks into the theatre before a show.

In this photo: Tsonga Short Kaftan with wide round neck

Fashion belongs only to the skinny
Take a look around and you’ll see this is definitely NOT true – the truth is it is a matter of picking the right outfits to compliment your body type.  It’s a personal style to a person that makes them fashionable not their body size.  If something doesn’t look good on you, most of the time it’s really just because the fit is off.  Every “body” is different and what happened to sizes? Why not feel comfortable in something that fits you rather than trying to fit into something that doesn’t?  That being said, even though bodies differ, they aren’t so different that a pair of pants doesn’t look like a pair of pants – it doesn’t matter who the wearer is.  You just need to find the style of pants that flatter you!

Wearing Bright Colours is a no-no…no?
Bright colours are on-trend and can actually look quite elegant – the key is to keep accessories and makeup to a minimum or neutral and let the clothes be the focus.  If you heap on too many extra embellishments to your outfit, the bright colours of the garments will end up clashing or worse yet become an eyesore.

In this photo: Cortez Short Satin Kaftan with V neck

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