August 30, 2020

I was recently on a trip with a few of my closest girlfriends and I couldn’t help but be inspired to write this blog post.  This week’s theme is friendship.  Celebrating you and your dearest friends – whether they be life-long confidantes or recently acquired soul sisters, there’s something to be said about these special relationships we have in our lives.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Kaftans
Yes, like the movie ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ this week’s blog post involves friends though seemingly vastly different, have such a tight bond.  Unlike the movie, however, this sisterhood I’m talking about is one formed by women who are at a stage in life where they’re a little more sure of themselves and a little more comfortable in their own skin…

What Makes You Beautiful
To say we’re a diverse group is an apt description – originating from different parts of the world, backgrounds, levels of education, differing interests, ages (ranging from 46-65 years) and of course, I’m sure you guessed it, of different shapes and sizes.  But that’s what makes our friendship even more special!

Fashion Confidence
At Laloom, we create collections of kaftans and resort wear to suit all different kinds of women, just like my friends.  As Fashion stylist and mogul Rachel Zoe says, “Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.  Looking at our group, everyone has their own style.  Some very sleek and structured, some bohemian, some a mix, and one is distinctly fluoro!  One night when we all dressed up for a night out, you could see all of our different tastes and each one of us looked fabulous in our own way…why?  We’re happy in our own skin!  When you wear something you can be comfortable and confident in, the rest follows.  The key is by being confident in your choice, you will feel confident, and therefore look great!

Book Club
Have you got a group of friends that you think of straight away while reading this?  How did you become friends?  Here’s the story of how we met: After an impromptu get together, a friend of a friend of a friend sort of set up, and an amazing lunch, we all decided ‘why not make this a regular event?’  It would be easy as we all lived in close proximity, but we felt we needed a ‘valid’ excuse for regular meetings so we came up with the idea of a book club.  In the twelve years of our friendship, the book club has read just one book…but we always talk about reading another book – something we really should get around to doing…soon…maybe…  But our regular meetings (not so regular) HAVE involved epic meals, games nights, cocktail parties, surprise parties, progressive dinners, go-karting, paddle boarding, and fun – lots of great times.

Surprise Weekend
Since one of our dear friends was about to have her birthday, we decided to throw her a surprise birthday celebration, a 4 day getaway to the beautiful Byron Bay.  The element of surprise in a getaway always brings a smile to my face, and what a surprise did our friend get.  On several occasions during the drive down from the Sunshine Coast to Byron, the words were uttered by the birthday girl…”This can’t be happening, we don’t just go away, NOT for 4 days…REALLY??”  She cried that no-one had done anything like this for her before and was truly thankful for the generosity of our time, thoughtfulness and friendship.  We were humbled at her sentiments – we were just as thankful to have her in our lives!

Laughter is good for the soul
After just moments of being in each other’s company, our sisterhood was full of smiles and laughter.  Weekends like this remind me that we all need to take the time to slow down, and not take ourselves and the people around us too seriously!

Trip Advisor Alert
If ever you get a chance to experience Byron Bay we highly recommend some of the fabulous walks around the area!  There’s a coastal track up to the lighthouse, and it’s absolutely breathtaking.  Walks along the beach are just as awe-inspiring – we spied whales breaching and dolphins playing near the shores.
What trip would be complete without a taste of the local cuisine?  Great breakfasts and coffee at cute little organic places are to be enjoyed at Byron Bay.  You definitely must visit the Harvest Restaurant at Newrybar, for amazing food and wines.  The Balcony Bar is a must, known for wonderful cocktails and tapas, and with a view over the lively centre of Byron.  Other must-see and do’s include: visiting The Tweed Rivers Gallery and getting your groove on (yes, I said groove) at a local club, we found La La landsuited our groove perfectly.

What helped form our sisterhood
Ask any group of great friends and you’ll see patterns.  It’s not about ‘being’ the same, it’s more about ‘feeling’ you can be yourself.  Here’s a list we came up with as to why we get along so well –

We are respectful of each other, are aware of our differences and idiosyncrasies, but we all join in and no one is judged (but poking fun is always on the table).

True friends check in on each other and are flexible – we are supportive when someone needs it most.

We are kind and thoughtful of each other.

We really cannot stress the value of having a good sense of humour!  We really do laugh so much, no one is afraid to laugh at themselves.

Why do we want to share these ideas with you?  Fashion and friendship can go hand in hand!  Everyone deserves friendships like we have, and yes, it all comes together in this thing we call life.  Self-expression can be had through fashion, and when combined with good friends and confidence, comes self-acceptance.

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