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Dressing your curves this summer

Long, hot days where you look forward to laying out on the deck; beach and pool party invitations coming your way from left, right and centre…It looks likes Summer is definitely here.  This means bikinis, tankinis, martinis right?  For many women, this can be a scary thought and summer can be a time when they feel most self- conscious.  Even more so, for those on the curvier side.


Curves may seem a challenge when it comes to fashion, but when you know how to dress them so they’re at their best, you can create a silhouette to envy.Chi Chi Long Chiffon Kaftan Plas White Front

In this photo: Chi Chi Long Plus Kaftan

In this week’s Laloom blog post, we wanted to share some tips on our choice for plus size fashion this summer – kaftans!  In today’s society with the constant bombardment of re-touched images of the ‘ideal’ body type, it comes as no surprise that many ‘plus size’ women today feel the need to cover up their bodies.  But we want to help women feel beautiful and embrace their curves!  It’s become too common to find plus size clothing that hides ones figure rather that in celebration of the beauty of curves.  Plus size kaftans are our answer for summer fashion for the curvy woman.  Though our model Cathy is not plus size, you can see the beautiful drape of the fabric, a gentle cover over curves that can also drape without swamping those with fewer curves. Luanda Kaftan Dress Plus Crop

In this photo: Luanda Plus Kaftan Dress

At Laloom, we believe women of all shapes and sizes deserve to have leisure wear that makes her feel feminine and beautiful.  Kaftan dresses are flattering as they flow over your curves, forgiving that you don’t feel like you have to suck in your belly all the time or draw attention to your thighs or arms depending on the style of the kaftan.  There are many different kinds of kaftans and options.

Our Top Kaftan for Curves Tips

Anything that nips at your waist is going to make the most of your shape. You can create a defined waistline with your kaftan by using belts cinched at the waist. Alternatively, free-flowing kaftans over a slip will help define your waist.  Check out our previous blog ‘What’s underneath your kaftan’ for more ideas on defining your waist.

Dark colour kaftans can create a slimming silhouette.

Women with fuller hips look great in kaftan dresses made of flowing fabrics with embellishments like intricate & bold statement necklaces or drapings at the chest – adding details on the upper half of the body creates visual interest and draws attention upwards and off your hips.

An open neckline breaks up your bust and stops it from looking ‘blocky’.  The V-neck is best for opening up the chest and elongating the neck.  The tie neck or drawstring type of neckline for kaftans are also a pretty alternative as it lifts the bust and helps define the waist.

For a youthful look, a kaftan with a hemline that hits a few inches above the knee is the perfect way to show off your legs.  For a slightly more conservative look (and if your thighs bother you) a hemline a few inches below the knee is a little more covered while still lengthening the leg line.

Online shopping for plus size kaftans is easy and a great idea for gift shopping this holiday season.  At Laloom our plus size kaftans are available in an ‘open’ size all the way from 12 to 22 so you don’t need to know exact sizes and can be confident that the plus size garments, both look and feel great on your loved one.

Congo Short Silk Kaftan Plus White FrontIn this photo: Congo Short Plus Kaftan

Over to you, what do you think about the options for plus size fashion this summer? What are your tips for dressing your curves at their best?