Pure Silk Kaftans

Pure silk kaftans are the epitome of style.  The flowing etherealness of a pure silk kaftan, so soft and delicious as it delicately caresses your skin, light as a feather and the easy, almost effortlessness, of wearing one, make them quite beautiful.  Fluttering in the breeze, pure silk kaftans drape themselves flatteringly around your body whilst leaving everything to the imagination.

Pure silk kaftans are sensual, graceful, glamorous and wonderfully versatile:

  • Add heels and a simple black slip and create an exquisite cocktail dress.
  • Throw it over your swimsuit and look glamorous at the pool or on the beach.
  • Choose a kaftan with subtle embellishments and add a little pizzazz and glamour.
  • Team your kaftans with oversized gold earrings and chunky gold necklaces and you're ready to explore wherever life takes you.
At Laloom, we produce affordable and unique silk kaftans in amazing fabrics and to the very highest quality standards.  Our pure silk kaftans are available in colours to make your senses sing and patterns to make your heart soar, and made in minimal quantities, the pure silk kaftans at Laloom are unique and quite exclusive.