Kaftans In Australia - Midi Dress Kaftans

Kaftans in Australia are ever popular.  They are the perfect antedote to stay safe from the sun's harmful rays, and the ideal garment to wear in the hot and sticky conditions of the Australian summer.

Laloom kaftans has one of the better selections of the traditional long kaftan dress, the versatile short kaftan dress and super useful midi dress kaftans, in Australia.

The mid length is the perfect choice for wearing kaftans in Australia when you need a length that doesn't reach the floor, yet doesn't require the addition of shorts or long pants.  That's not to say that you can't add long pants though!  Turn your midi dress kaftan into a tunic by adding leggings, possibly a belt, and you have a whole new look.

Another aspect of the midi dress kaftan is its appeal to petite ladies.  The length of 105cm means that the midi dress kaftan can serve as a long kaftan, eliminating the need to adjust the length of the longer kaftans.

Looking for kaftans in Australia, that are designed in Australia, for Australian women?  Laloom has a kaftan for every Australian woman, every day, and for every occasion.