Kaftan Dresses - All Other Fabric Blends

Kaftan dresses made with man-made fibres have come a long way.  At Laloom, we have a variety of kaftan dresses in the long length, short length and mid length, in polyester, chiffon, satin and crepe blends.  Just like our silk kaftans, these kaftan dresses are available with either a round neckline or a v neckline, and there is a selection of embellished or non embellished kaftans to choose from.

Our silk-like kaftan dresses are made from the best quality, refined man-made fibres, are uniquely limited and are of the highest quality - you can feel the difference.

In the past decade, research and technology have helped to develop fabrics that emulate the properties of silk and silk-like polyester fabrics.  It is the polyester component that gives the kaftan dress drape, stability during the laundry cycle, and a more crease-resistant finish.

Nowadays, polyester chiffon, satin, and other synthetic materials or blended fabrics, aim to emulate the characteristics of high-quality silk and these kaftan dresses can be worn comfortably on even the hottest of days.