The 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our Kaftans

The 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our Kaftans

Thinking of investing in one of our new season kaftans?  The right kaftan dress will make you look good, feel great and, if cared for correctly, it will last a lifetime too.  But many of our customers have questions before they feel ready to click that ‘shop now’ button and add one of our kaftans to their wardrobe.

Don’t worry, we understand, and we’re here to help!

Here are the three most frequently asked questions about our kaftans, and all the answers you need to shop with confidence:

What Size Kaftan Should I Choose?
One of the most popular questions about our kaftans involves their sizing.  Every day we have customers and potential customers asking questions such as: Do you offer plus sized kaftans, which size kaftan will suit me best, and how do your kaftans fit?

The answer to all of these questions is surprisingly simple!  Each of our kaftans is available in two different shapes and sizes:

1. Our plus size kaftans:  Kaftans that have been stitched on the outer edge of the garment. These easy breezy kaftans have a loose and flattering shape.  They are designed to be floaty and can be worn by anyone, although they are often favoured by our more curvaceous customers.

These kaftans are 105 cm (or 41 inches) wide, and are designed to fit women who wear:
AU size 12-24
US size 8-20
EU size 40-52
UK size 12 –24

2. Our one size kaftans:  Kaftans with an inner seam stitch are cut to fit closer to your body, but still have very generous fit.

These garments have an overall width of 105cm (41”) but have an inner side seam with a width of 70cm (28”). They are designed to fit women who wear:
AU size 8-18
US size 4-14
UK size 8-18
EU size 36-46

This means that whichever style of kaftan you choose, our kaftans are versatile, and that one size will suit most!  We find that our plus sized customers and our petite customers are both equally happy with the fit and shape of the same kaftan.

Laloom Kaftans, Kaftan Dress, Kaftan Dresses, Silk KaftansIn this photo:  Cocoa Island Short Silk Kaftan Dress

How Do I Care for My Kaftan?
If you care for your kaftan dresses correctly, they will last a lifetime, but many of our customers aren’t sure where to start when it comes to kaftan care.  In fact, ‘how do I care for my kaftan?’ is one of our most frequently asked questions!

The correct way to care for your kaftan dress will depend on the fabric you have chosen.  But the good news is, it’s likely to be much easier than you think.

If your kaftan is cotton:  It should be cold machine washed on a gentle cycle.  Set your machine to a reduced spin setting, if possible.  Once washed, line dry your kaftan in the shade, and then warm iron it to remove any creases.

If your kaftan is polyester chiffon:  Just like a cotton kaftan dress, it should be cold machine washed on a gentle cycle.  You should use a mild detergent and reduce the spin of your machine where possible.  Dry your kaftan in the shade, and don’t tumble dry it, to maintain the integrity of the fabric.

If your kaftan is silk:  You should not machine wash your kaftan.  Instead, we suggest you hand wash it in cold water using a very mild detergent.  Once it is clean, dry your kaftan dress in the shade and then use a warm iron to remove any creases.  It is worth noting that our silk kaftans can be dry cleaned, if you would prefer to let a professional do the hard work for you!

Laloom Kaftans, Kaftan Dress, Kaftan Dresses, Silk KaftansIn this photo:  Wineglass Bay Long Silk Kaftan Dress

Is Each Kaftan Available in Different Patterns and Styles?
We’re proud to say that our kaftans are much more unique than you might think. Let me explain why:

Each year our expert buyer visits India to choose the fabrics for the following summer season’s collections: each of our kaftan dresses is manufactured in India too.  In any given season we will buy between 30 and 45 different fabrics to create our whole collection: we will buy enough of each fabric to create just one style of kaftan (for example a long or a short kaftan), and only 10-15 of each kaftan dress we design is created.

This year, for the first time, we will be making a one size and a plus size kaftan from each of the 30 new fabrics we have hand chosen.  This means that you will have a wide range of fabrics and styles to choose from, whilst still ensuring that each kaftan we make will be very unique: only a handful of women from across the globe will be able to wear the same kaftan dress as you!

That means that we can’t change the style or pattern of the kaftan you see on the website to your specific requirements.  But it does mean that if you wear one of our kaftan dresses, your outfit will be much more special and unique than you might have thought!

Laloom Kaftans, Kaftan Dress, Kaftan Dresses, Silk KaftansIn this photo:  The Hayman Short Silk Kaftan Dress

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