Summer Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Summer Fashion Do's and Don'ts

One of the most exciting times of the year, when it comes to fashion, is summer.  Here are some of our top summer fashion do's and don'ts:

Do...Go for Flowy Dresses and Tops

Laloom Kaftans are so versatile and can be worn over swimwear or a slip, taking you from beach to bar in the blink of an eye and are designed to make you feel fabulous while staying light and cool.  The classic style kaftan suits most people, with a plunging neck, flowing sleeves, and draping fit.  With our other kaftan designs, you can show off different parts of the body to highlight and hide what you want.

In this photo:  Kurumba Beach Short Kaftan Dress

Don't...Stop Layering

Layering isn't just a styling trick you can use during the colder months.  You can also do this during summer as well.  The secret to pulling this off successfully without sacrificing comfort is to choose lighter pieces to work with.  It's also important to limit your layers to make sure your outfit remains cool and comfy.


Like with any season when styling an outfit, accessories can make all the difference!  Style your summer fashion with some sexy but comfy wedges and chunky jewellery.  If you're heading to the beach in a kaftan, then a huge, funky beach bag is a must.  Decorative sandals and eccentrically bold sunglasses can really dress up any outfit.

In this photo:  Blue Pacific Short Kaftan Dress

Don't...Wear Closed Shoes

Summer is the perfect time to let your feet breathe!  Wear open toe shoes whenever possible.


In connection with open-toed sandals, you have to have pedicures!  Not so much an extravagance as a common courtesy.  Pretty polish on your toes and you'll be cool from the bottom up.

Don't...Be afraid of fake tans

You don't have to fully get into fake tans, opt for a tinted moisturiser from Johnson's, Garnier or Dove.

In this photo:  Purrfect Short Kaftan Dress

Do...Wear Brighter Colours More

Bright and vibrant colours are what fashionistas live for during the summer season!  If you've been waiting for the perfect time to say goodbye to the dark and dull colours from the past seasons, there's no better time than now.

In this photo:  Magical Moments Long Kaftan Dress

Florals Don't...have to look dowdy

Our floral kaftans are the perfect way to channel a floral print without looking like an upholstered sofa.  You can avoid the well-upholstered sofa trap by playing florals with a more subtle hand - hazy, watercolour prints.

In this photo:  Serenity Short Kaftan Dress


Is what you're wearing really suitable?  Ask a girlfriend's opinion.  We all have that bestie who says "yes that is awesome!" or "No way, I ain't letting you go out like that".  True friends don't let girlfriend's dress inappropriately.


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