Are Plus Size Kaftan Dresses The Answer To Hiding Weight Gain?

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Plus size kaftan dresses are the most popular option for plus sized women that want to look good and feel confident when they’re on the beach or by the pool.  But did you know that you don’t just have to wear your favourite kaftan over your bathing suit?  Whether you’re sightseeing on vacation or brunching with your girlfriends, the plus size kaftan dress is the ideal way to hide your weight gain whilst still looking stylish and fashion forward.

plus size kaftans online australia, plus size kaftan dress, plus size dresses online, Laloom Kaftans
In this photo:  The Hayman Short Kaftan Dress

Wish you could look slimmer instantly?  You’re not alone, this is the most common body complaint that most women share.  But the plus size kaftan could be the perfect answer!  Here are our top tips on how you can wear yours:

Plus Size Kaftan Dresses Are Oversized

One of the ways that we notice that we’ve gained a little weight is when our clothes start to feel too tight.  Jeans become harder to fasten, blouse buttons strain.  When you buy a plus size kaftan online, you won’t have that problem!  All of our kaftan dresses are designed to be oversized meaning that they look and fit just as well when you put them on in the morning as they will after you’ve overindulged with a decadent lunch date. 

Because of their loose and slouchy finish, you can style your plus size kaftan in a wide variety of different ways.  Pay attention to the way your kaftan drapes and, if you want to give it some structure, pair it with a belt.  This will create the illusion of an hourglass shape whilst still skimming over your curves.  We love to see a belted plus size kaftan worn with leggings and heels, which is the perfect outfit for special occasions.  Swap the heels for flat sandals and the leggings for shorts and you’re ready for a host of elegant yet casual events.

plus size kaftans online australia, plus size kaftan dress, plus size dresses online, Laloom Kaftans

 In this photo:  Spirit Animal Short Kaftan Dress

Don’t want to emphasise your waist by adding a belt to your kaftan?  Don’t worry! Our plus size kaftan dresses look just as good worn in a loose and oversized way. Wear a sheer kaftan over an opaque slip dress and you’ll have a versatile dress that will flatter your figure and that you can wear for any and every occasion.

Buy a Plus Size Kaftan Dress with a Busy Pattern

Many women think that when they are carrying a couple of extra pounds they should always wear black or block colours from head to toe.  Whilst it is true that black can sometimes be slimming, it also shows that you want to disappear into the background, and isn’t the best colour to choose in the hot summer months.  So what should you opt for instead?  Well, did you know that busy patterns are great for hiding a multitude of sins?

If you have any lumps, bumps or cellulite (who doesn’t?) then a pattern will work best to disguise these.  Avoid big bold patterns, as these can sometimes make you look bigger.  Instead, look for small patterns or pieces that incorporate several patterns at the same time: plus size kaftans that combine small florals with stripes are amongst the most figure flattering.  They also have the benefit of being stylish and fashion-forward!

If you just can’t step out of the black comfort zone then opt for a kaftan with a black background colour to make you feel more confident.  Alternatively, pick pieces with black panels to the sides: these will instantly make your body look narrower, immediately shaving off the pounds.

Shopping For Plus Size Dresses Online

Finally, if your weight gain has left you feeling uncomfortable when you’re shopping, particularly when trying on endless options in tiny fitting rooms with unflattering strip lighting, then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s easy to shop for plus size kaftans online in Australia.

Their loose and slouchy anti-fit means that you don’t have to worry about whether our Laloom kaftans will fit you, because they have been designed to fit almost everyone.  Simply order the pattern and style that you like, and when it arrives you can try it on in the comfort of your own home.  This also means that you can ensure it matches your favourite sandals, handbag, or other accessories in a way that is completely hassle-free.  Because we believe that looking and feeling great, no matter what your size, should never be complicated.

plus size kaftans online australia, plus size kaftan dress, plus size dresses online, Laloom Kaftans

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