Choosing your perfume is equally important as choosing your outfit, shoes, and jewellery.  The decision on which fragrance you wear depends on many different factors.  What outfit you have planned, where you are going, who you are going with, what you will be doing, and your mood.  All of these things will make a difference in your choice of perfume, and as long as the end result is one YOU are happy with, then you have succeeded in making the right choice.

Perfume Strengths

Let's look at the different strengths of perfume - each one having a different percentage of perfume oil in their make up.

Perfume - contains the most perfume oil and is the most concentrated and expensive of your options.  These fragrances are slightly more oily and will last for hours.  Perfect for a special evening.

Eau de Parfum - is almost as concentrated as Perfume.  It is a little lighter in scent and does not last as long as the more concentrated Perfume.  As a less expensive option, it is perfect for social gatherings, both day and night.

Eau de Cologne/Eau de Toilette -  are the least concentrated options and are usually light, fresh and fruity.  Lasting for just a few hours, they are perfect for everyday use.

Types of Perfume

Florals -  Probably the most popular perfume amongst women.  Who doesn't love the smell of beautiful fresh flowers?  Think roses, jasmine, frangipani.  Makes you feel pretty, happy and maybe even a little flirty.  Perfect for shopping, lunch with friends and informal gatherings.

Fresh -  Clean, light, zesty and sporty - think lemons, the ocean, and the rainforest.  If you love life, then these are the fragrances for you.  Perfect for summer holidays and cocktails by the river.

Orientals - Exotic, spicy and sensual - think musk, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves.  If you are adventurous and worldly then these could be the fragrances for you.  Perfect for when you're feeling dangerously confident.

Woods - Earthy, warm and sexy - think sandalwood, cedarwood, leather and moss - these fragrances are heady and provocative.  Perfect for your next romantic dinner.

Storing your Perfume

Opt for a cool, dry place, away from a window, such as your wardrobe.  Don't store your perfume in a damp, warm place as this will break your fragrance down and alter the scent.


Feeling happy and a little flirty - pair Lazy River short kaftan dress with a fragrance from the floral family

Applying your Perfume

* The best way to achieve a long-lasting fragrance is by layering.  Use a perfumed soap/shower gel, body lotion, and powder, then top it all off with your perfume.  Of course, don't confuse your fragrance by layering with different scents.

*  Applying moisturiser before your perfume helps to lock in the scent.

*  Heat helps diffuse the scent, so apply your perfume to a few (not all) "pulse points" on your body.  "Pulse points" are where your skin is warmer and has good blood circulation i.e. nape of your neck, inside wrists, inside elbows, navel, small of your back, behind knees, calves, and ankles.  Remember, because fragrance rises, applying perfume to your ankles and calves allows it to rise throughout the day.

*  Do not rub your wrists together after applying the perfume as this will bruise the notes and they will not develop as intended.


It can be difficult to find the 'right' fragrance.  What works for your friends, may not necessarily work for you.  Try the perfumes on by spraying lightly to your wrist, let it dry a moment or two and then sniff.  Never try more than 3 perfumes at once, as your senses cannot cope and will become confused.


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