Laloom's Guide to... Beat the Christmas Rush!

Laloom's Guide to... Beat the Christmas Rush!

Christmas has been known to be one of the most stressful times of the year.  The challenge of buying the 'perfect' gift that's both thoughtful and functional for friends and family; the pressure of last minute shopping; and the heightened expectations of family togetherness all combine to undermine even the best of intentions.  In this week's Laloom blog post we want to share some tips to get your Xmas shopping under wraps without losing a hair on your head.

Strategy To Avoid The Panic
Yep, it's game time and like any venture, you can't get anywhere without a proper plan!  According to a recent study by Roy Morgan Research, about 60% of Aussies dislike Christmas shopping, with just 20% planning their shopping expeditions, and the majority (nearly 75%) often come home without a single purchase for their efforts.

Make A List
Write down everyone you plan to buy a gift for, no matter how small the gift may be.  Include ideas of what to give each person, along with the maximum amount you're willing to spend.  Some of the best gifts are those someone might not necessarily buy for themselves but would love to receive.  This is a tricky one as it can be a hit or miss - if you buy something someone wouldn't buy themselves, it could also mean they really don't want it.  However, when you find a versatile fashion garment like kaftan dresses, you're able to find a gift that's different but something that any woman could love.  The special thing about kaftan dresses is they can fit all different sizes and shapes and have a wide variety of colours and designs to suit anyone's style - from plains & neutrals to more colourful patterns.

Laloom Picks Under $200 

Start Ahead
It might only be October, but you know that means Christmas is only 10 weeks away - and with the flurry of events around Christmas, that means those 10 weeks are going to fly by and the next minute you think about it, Christmas is only a day or two away!  So, our tip is to keep your eyes open all year round for items you think your friends and family would appreciate; it's often when you're not actively looking that you stumble across the best gift for your Mum, Sister or a best friend.  Once it's December you'll be thankful for your foresight and the smaller list you have to tackle last minute (if there is anyone left on that list).  Just make sure to keep all your advance gift purchases in a designated (and well hidden) place so that you don't forget those gifts and also your snoopier friends and family don't accidentally come across them.

Laloom Picks Under $150

In this photo:  The Lindeman Short Kaftan Dress; The Nice Mid Length Kaftan Dress, The Hydeaway Short Kaftan Dress


Online Possibilities
Shopping online has never been easier.  Make your choice, click and buy, soon your package arrives right to your doorstep.  No shopping around and aching feet, it’s all done from the very comfort of your own home.  But online shopping can also be daunting.  Thinking about fit and what not, and worrying about international shipper – if the product will come in time, if at all, and questioning their quality etc. However, now with more local businesses going online like Laloom, there’s more reliability with the online connection.  Laloom is a small business located on the Sunshine Coast, we’re not part of a multinational corporation – everything is mostly within our means of control.  We do the work in India, finding fabrics, developing prints, overseeing sampling, checking production. We handle the importation of goods, shipping, bookkeeping, sales, marketing, website, and social media.  Largely a one-man (woman) show; subcontracting local talent for models and photographers.  Every step we are hands on.  We believe in transparency.  We are open, friendly, willing to answer any questions you may have as soon as we can – taking the doubts out of online shopping.

Laloom Picks Under $100

In this photo:  Mala Beach Mid Length Kaftan Dress; Larvotto Beach Short Kaftan Dress; Turtle Bay Short Kaftan Dress

Kaftans or Tunics as Gifts
At Laloom we have a great selection of kaftans with different styles, different purposes and yes, different price points.  All of our garments are hand washable, and do not have to be dry-cleaned.  
As mentioned earlier, these types of garment are great gifts because of their versatility.  We can promise you that Laloom kaftans online are selected and made with the utmost quality in mind.  Sure, I have been offered cheaper fabrics to produce our kaftans but I refuse to forgo quality for quantity – I always make sure our Laloom brand offers a product that isn’t just beautiful but comfortable.  When you compromise on the quality, you’re compromising on comfort.

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