Laloom - About us (2015)

Laloom - About us (2015)

Today I just thought I would reveal a little more about the team who brings Laloom to life.  Basically, it is me!.....but I cannot take all of the credit. 

I organise designing styles, sourcing, and buying of fabrics, manufacturing, quality control ( although of recent times I have roped my husband Gary into going to India and conducting quality control inspections), import of the garments, then I manage the website - which is why I guess from time to time tech issues arise, and it takes me time sorting the said tech issues out (not being at all techie minded).  In between times I also go on the road to sell wholesale to shops and regularly exhibit at trade fairs, phew... BUT I do get help....

I have a valuable manufacturing team in India which includes the factory (House) owner, his master (the guy who knows all there is about making, designing cutting) and the 3 machinists, really these guys are so skilled they make to 'sample quality' which means almost always perfectly.  Our kaftans are not massed produced in a large factory, each one is made from start to finish by the one guy who is accountable for his work and takes great pride to make it well.

At home here in Australia, I outsource my photography (except for the dodgy photos of myself that I often put on facebook or blogs - taken by my husband or a friend on their phone!) to Michelle of 'Michelle Friends Photography' who is great. She makes everyone feel at ease and works quickly and efficiently, is great at styling suggestions, especially when I draw a blank, and has a never-ending supply of funny stories.  Michelle is also giving us tips on 'how to' pose for those 'candid' you don't have a big nose, double chins, protruding this or that or just looking very awkward.... maybe I will share these tips sometime in a future blog - what do you think??

St Tropez Long Kaftan DressIn this photo:  St Tropez Long Kaftan Dress

What can I say about Cathie, our house model, SHE IS GORGEOUS.  Cathie, besides being gorgeous and wonderful to work with, is not a full-time model, but rather a full-time Mum of two boys, budding teenagers who are very busy and keep Cathie busy.  In between times Cathie is studying Fine Arts and has produced some really beautiful artwork, sometime soon she will be having sought after exhibitions of her work, of that I am sure.  Oh, and I could not forget to mention, recently Cathie competed in and finished her first ever Olympic distance triathlon - I am very proud of that achievement which certainly takes dedication and effort.

Finally, Nat, from Natstar our most wonderful makeup artist and hair stylist. Nat has so much experience (and stories) as she works mostly on movie sets, TV shows and all manner of productions.  Nats CV must be something to behold as she does the most diverse and fascinating work, it always sounds so exciting.  For us though, her work in the modelling and fashion industry is second to none, her experience in helping to direct poses, what to do with 'hands' 'hips' and 'feet' is amazing.  Don't think for a minute our gorgeous Cathie just has to stand there and click click the photo is done..  NOOO! movement and position changes are minute and incremental and sometimes her body is twisted like a corkscrew to get the shot with her lovely eyes looking straight into the camera!

Well, I do have one other helper, Nahum from Working Planet Designs, Nahum has put together my website, managed so many changes I cannot remember.  His brief was for me to be able to largely handle all the website day to day management, with him taking care of the more technical aspects. SO from time to time, he receives these impatient calls for help from me.  I am frustrated and cannot get this blasted website to do the simplest thing....well what can I say, that can be embarrassing when Nahum fix's it in a minute (because there was nothing wrong in the first place!!).

So, yes Laloom is my business and I do a LOT! but I have found some wonderful people who help me along the way.

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