How To Decide If A Trend Suits You

How To Decide If A Trend Suits You

In our last blog post we tackled (hopefully successfully) a few misconceptions that might have been keeping you or your loved ones from getting more into Fashion and letting yourself feel like a fashionista! In this week’s Laloom blog post we want to help you to decide whether a trend suits you.

There are many ways to interpret a trend – each trend can represent a whole plethora of garments, accessories, colours, cuts, fabrics and styles.  Here are a few tips and questions to ask yourself when considering a trend:

Does it work with your current style?
Many of us shop with the imaginary version of ourselves in mind, and trendy items can often bring about thoughts of how we wish we could dress.  But buying garments and accessories that have no relationship whatsoever to your own current dressing preferences, lifestyle, and figure, can only lead to regret.  Before investing in a trend, make sure it fits seamlessly into your existing wardrobe.  Can you envision at least three or better yet, five outfits that incorporate the trendy item?  Can you wear this item to the office and on the weekend?  Change it up from day to night?

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In this photo: Hummingbird Hearts Mini Kaftan

Is the trend broad?
There’s a difference between a dressing trend and a trendy garment.  Trendy pieces that are distinctive, challenging, and stand out pieces that may be wearable after a single season's wear, but pieces that fit within a trend category can be relatively timeless and are more likely to endure.  Go for the broad strokes: Colours, fibres, and cuts of garment that are deemed "in style" for the season are safer choices for those who don’t like to go “too trendy” but still stay relevant (e.g wearing a black blazer is a broad trend, wearing those with big shoulder pads and lapels might seem like a trend from the 80s).

Does it align with your personal figure-flattery priorities?
Does the silhouette of the clothing flatter your figure?  Do the colours complement your skin tone?  Some trends appeal to your eye but fight your figure.  Make sure to seek out trendy items that work with your unique figure in ways that make you feel comfortable and still look good.  For example, with kaftans, it’s important to balance out your proportions.  Kaftans are naturally voluminous. Streamline that volume with slimline pants, shorts or a slip dress.

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In this photo: Magical Moments

What’s your reason for liking the trend?
Remember that celebrities often overdo trends for maximum photo impact; they may not translate well for you on a day-to-day basis.  How long will this trend last?  Is it worth investing in?  Don’t get into a trend if you just like it because everyone else is or someone famous makes it look good – ask yourself why you really like the trend.

How could you make the trend your own?
Select details from the current fashion trends that complement your personal style and turn them into something unique, and completely you.  Focus on interpreting trends with your own mood, feelings, and aspirations.  The secret of a chic and trendy outfit is balanced, meaning it doesn’t look overdone.  You need the right balance of what’s on trend and the basics (aka wardrobe essentials).  Too many fancy details can distract the overall effect of your outfit, and screams FAD. 

The Orpheus Long Kaftan DressIn this photo: The Orpheus Long Kaftan Dress

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