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This Year In India (2018)

Once again, I have hurtled headfirst into the hubbub that is New Delhi, India.  It was time to dive into the mountainous rolls of fabric and pluck the ‘gems’ from the rest.


This year I ventured to Delhi on my own….no support, no second opinions.  Yep, the thought was pretty scary, but I held my head high and strode confidently through the 2 weeks.  I won’t say there were no hiccups, but there weren’t too many.

Being my second time in Delhi, I already knew the easiest/cheapest ways to get around and I have become an expert at standing my ground and bargaining for a reasonable fare.  I stayed in the same hotel and in fact I even had the same room as last year.  I actually couldn’t quite believe that.


Many long hours and many long days were spent in fabric stores until I felt I had chosen the best fabrics and prints available.  With so many gorgeous fabrics to choose from, the task is a mammoth one and even when my decisions were made I was still shown more, more and then some more.  Thank goodness my suppliers kept bolstering me with cups of tea, water and often lunch as well.

Photo By Canva

Funny Story

In fact, that leads me to a very funny story.,…  Everywhere I went, I was asked if I wanted an ‘English breakfast’ cup of tea, and I thought that ‘English breakfast’ tea must be quite common in India.  On my first visit to one of the fabric stores, I was asked if I would like a cup of tea, and I said I would love an English breakfast, please. 

The store owner said he didn’t have any and would get me one.  I told him not to bother I was happy with any black tea.  Not long after, I was told my tea had been ordered and would arrive soon.  Bottles of water kept appearing but never a cup of tea.  I thought they had forgotten and I didn’t give it another thought. 

2 hours later, the store owner called me into his office, my English Breakfast had arrived……….I think you have probably guessed it by now…… English breakfast had definitely arrived…….eggs, hash browns, mushroom, tomato, beans, toast etc.

Photo by Canva  


The store owner told me that he was not able to get an English breakfast in his area and had rung his friend who owns a restaurant.  His friend called his chef, asked him to go to the restaurant and make and deliver an English breakfast to me!!!!!!!!  When I explained that the English breakfast I asked for was actually a cup of tea, we all had a good laugh.  All was ok, but you have no idea how embarrassed I felt.


As I embarked on my sourcing trip alone this year, the task of choosing fabric took quite a bit longer.  I spent many hours looking at fabrics, draping them around myself, photographing them, and making my decisions.  Together with meetings with my manufacturer, and scouring the streets for ideas and embellishments, my 2 week trip went by in a flash.

I was, however, lucky enough to have a morning of sightseeing, and I will tell you all about that in my next blog.


What funny stories do you have from your travels?


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Birthstones – January, February & March

A different birthstone is associated with each month of the year.  Myths and legends about the healing powers of birthstones are plentiful, and according to the myths and legends, the healing powers of a birthstone is intensified by wearing it during its assigned month.

In this week's blog, we look at the birthstones for the months of January, February and March.

The name 'garnet' is derived from Latin 'granatum' meaning seed and is so called because of the gemstone's resemblance to the red seeds of the pomegranate.  The garnet has been used as a gemstone for over 5000 years, is the birthstone for January and is the stone celebrating the 2nd anniversary of marriage.


In this photo:  Pomegranates (photo by Canva)

The garnet can be found in a variety of colours but is best known for its deep red colour.

There are many beliefs in the power the garnet has over both physical and mental health.  Some of the garnet's virtues include eternal friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem, energy and trust.  It is believed that garnets give the wearer good health and protects them during travel.

Moonlight Dancing long, silk kaftan dress is rich in colour and is a perfect match for the garnet birthstone.

The name 'amethyst' derives from the ancient Greek word 'amethustos', meaning sober.  It was said that an amethyst could prevent the wearer from becoming excessively drunk and also instils a sober and serious mind.  The amethyst has been a prized gem for centuries, is the birthstone for February, is the stone celebrating the 6th anniversary of marriage, and is the purple colour variety of quartz.

The amethyst comes in all shades of purple, however, exposure to heat and sunlight can cause the colour to deteriorate.


In this photo:  Amethyst (photo by Canva)

The amethyst is cleansing, both physically and psychologically.  It brings stability and promotes internal balance and harmony.  Some of the amethyst's virtues include beauty, fulfilment, humility, a loving demeanour, tranquillity and wisdom.

Actually, I Can short silk kaftan dress and the amethyst a match made in heaven.

The name 'aquamarine' derives its name from the Latin term for seawater.  The aquamarine is one of the birthstones for March and is the green-blue variety of the mineral beryl.

It has long been known as the sailor's lucky stone, protecting them from all sorts of mishaps over stormy seas.


In this photo:  Aquamarine Pendant (photo by Canva)

The virtues of aquamarine include beauty, purity, fidelity, honesty and loyalty.  The stone is considered to be an 'all-purpose' healing stone, treating spiritual and psychological disturbances as well as physiological disorders and disease.

A Little Wild mini silk kaftan has the same beautiful colours of the aquamarine birthstone and is another perfect pairing,

Is the second birthstone for March and is said to have formed when a few drops of Christ's blood fell on a Jasper at the foot of the cross.

For at least 2000 years, many people have believed that bloodstone has healing and protective properties.  It has been thought to control bleeding and inflammation, and help with blood disorders and circulation.  In Indian medicine, powdered bloodstone is used as an aphrodisiac.


The virtues of bloodstone include intuition, selflessness, self-esteem, creativity and brings good luck.

Warrior Princess is a long poly chiffon kaftan dress, abounds in warm colouring, and is the ideal partner for the bloodstone birthstone.

What does your Birthstone say about you?

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Loyalty Reward Points Program

Laloom Loyalty Reward Points Program

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Laloom Reward Points Program, a program that gives you even more value when you shop with Laloom.

What are Laloom Points?
Laloom points have been designed to reward our customers for their loyalty.  Subscribers to Laloom earn Laloom points for every dollar spent with Laloom and can be redeemed on future purchases.

How do you accumulate Laloom points?
As a subscriber, you are eligible to earn Laloom points with every purchase.  You will get one point for every $1 spent, plus there are bonus points as listed below.  You must be logged in to your account for the points to be earned.  No points are earned if you are shopping as a guest.

What is the value of your Laloom points?
10 Laloom points are equal to $1.00 and therefore 100 Laloom points are equal to $10.00.  e.g. Purchase a kaftan dress for $100.00 and earn 100 Laloom points.  Redeem those points for $10.00 off your next purchase.

Cheetalicious Long Kaftan Dress - $159.00
Earn 160 points, redeem and receive $16.00 discount on a future purchase

How do you earn bonus Laloom points?
Bonus Laloom points can be earned by any of the following means:

◊  Write a product review - 25 bonus points
◊  Share the Laloom Facebook Page with your friends - 25 bonus points
◊  Refer Laloom to a friend - 50 bonus points
◊  At times, Laloom will send details of double point days, where you will earn double the normal Laloom points on your purchases.

How do you redeem your Laloom points?
A message appears at the beginning of the checkout page saying 'Use xx Laloom points for a $xx discount on this order!'  There is also a grey button that says 'Apply Discount'.  When you press the button a pop-up box appears asking how many points you would like to apply.  Enter the number of points you wish to redeem and press ok.  Your discount has now been applied to your order.  When you scroll down to the 'Your Order' section, you will see your points redemption and discount showing.

Endless Love Short Kaftan Dress - $145.00
Earn 150 points, redeem and receive $15.00 discount on a future purchase

Do you earn Laloom points on all items?
Yes, Laloom points are earned on all items and can be redeemed on all items, regardless if the item is at full price, or is a sale item.

Do your Laloom points expire?
Yes, Laloom points expire after 2 years from purchase date.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is a combination of qualities that please the aesthetic senses.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
What one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another person.

Beauty differs in different cultures and our perception of beauty changes continually.  It is so easy to get caught up in the abundance of images that are thrown at us each day of what we are supposed to believe as 'beauty'.  Beauty is how you feel about yourself, not what you are shown on television and not what you see in the mirror.  Don't try to live up to what others perceive to be beautiful.  Be your own kind of beautiful.


Photo:  Courtesy of Canva

Beauty to me is something natural, unaffected and in a pristine and fresh condition, for example, an untouched stretch of beach or a wild and tropical rainforest full of fantastic smells, sights and sounds.  Things of nature are the most beautiful things in the world in my eyes.

To others, these things are abhorrent - beaches - yuk - hot, sweaty, sandy and salty.  Rainforests - humid, itchy, bitey and dark.


I feel beautiful when I am happy.  Many things combine to make us feel beautiful.  Maybe it's your strength and confidence.  Maybe it's your compassion or your positivity.  Maybe it's your family and friends.  It could be your love of colour.  It could be your smile, your hair or your teeth.  It could be your honesty, dependability, your humour or your energy.  It could be when you feel passionate about something.


In this photo:  Coral Beach Short Kaftan Dress

If you feel beautiful on the inside, that beauty radiates from every pore of your body.  It affects the way you hold yourself, the way you walk and the way you interact with others.  This then affects the way people see you and interact with you.

It is not always easy to feel beautiful, sometimes things get us down, leaving us feeling quite the opposite of beautiful.  When these situations occur, take a step back, mentally throw away those thoughts or the situation that is causing your angst, concentrate on yourself and transport yourself to the place that makes you feel alive and happy and your beautiful self will return.  Shake off those negative thoughts and people.


Photo:  Courtesy of Canva

We are all special in our own way, and feeling beautiful goes a long way towards making you feel special.  The biggest lie that can creep into your head is the thought that you are not special and you are not beautiful.  Evict that thought immediately!! It is not true and is not helpful to your well being.

I am beautiful.....say it out loud.....and keep saying it.  Self-acceptance is the first step to achieve true beauty.

Whilst researching the word 'beautiful' I came across a YouTube video by 'For Your Life' called 'True Meaning of Beauty' - how women across the world are feeling beautiful in their skin.   The video shows a large store with 2 doors.  There is a sign over one door that says 'average', over the other door the sign says 'beautiful'.  It is very interesting to see how many women choose the average door and how many choose the 'beautiful' door, and why they made their choice.

Which door would you choose?

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Shop Now, Pay in Instalments!

At Laloom, we understand that our customers want flexibility and simplicity in how you pay for your purchases and that is why we have partnered with afterpay, a Sydney based Australian company offering simple interest-free instalments plans, available instantly.  Afterpay is currently being offered by hundreds of Australian businesses, both large and small.

Here are the nuts and bolts of how it all works!!  It's pretty simple really.....

Afterpay splits your payments over 4 fortnightly equal instalments with the first instalment due immediately.  You nominate the debit/credit card you wish to use and afterpay will automatically schedule the payments for you.
Approval is given instantly and you will then be redirected back to the Laloom website.  An order confirmation is sent to you from afterpay, plus you will receive the usual order confirmation from Laloom.

Here is a brief overview of how it will look:

Firstly, choose afterpay as your method of payment, where you will be asked your email address.  Afterpay uses your email address to recognise if you are a new
or existing customer of afterpay.
Existing afterpay customers will need to enter their password to continue.


New afterpay customers will be asked for their mobile phone number and a verification code will be sent to your mobile phone.  Once you enter the verification code you will then be asked for your billing address.  When you enter those details, your afterpay account has been created.


Next, you will be shown a summary page where you enter your card details to complete your order.  The summary page shows the total order amount, plus the 4 equal fortnightly instalments, the first instalment due immediately.


So, ,there you have it.....that's about all there is to it.....easy, peasy!!

Any questions, please contact us here

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Necklines and Necklaces

Sweetheart, Square, Turtleneck, Strapless, V-Neck, Round Neck, Halter, Off the Shoulder, One Shoulder, Boat, Scoop and Jewel - and that's not even all of them!!  Each neckline can be flattering, or not, to different body shapes and sizes, shoulders, bust and neck sizes.  It can get confusing and tricky to select a neckline that not only flatters your body but also your face and jaw shape as well.

At Laloom we tend to stick with the v neckline and round neckline, and there are some very good reasons we do this.  Both the v neckline and the round neckline flatter your figure and are perfect for women of many different shapes and sizes.

Your necklace should be flattering to your features and suit you and your kaftan.  Delicate necklaces are ideal for the delicate fabrics of our kaftans, and our embellished kaftans are the perfect match for your sparkling jewelled necklaces.  Your necklace can emphasise a particular colour in your kaftan or you can match your necklace with your accessories.

Let's take a closer look at the v and round necklines, and the necklaces to complement them.

V Neckline
Plunges from the shoulder to a point in the middle of the chest area.  This neckline draws the eye in and up with its shape and is flattering to all figures.  It is the perfect neckline if you have broad shoulders, or a short or wide neck as the v neckline elongates the body creating a taller and leaner silhouette.  Your neck and face appear to be thinner, your broad shoulders appear more narrow, and your bust can appear higher.

Necklaces for V Necklines
Longer necklaces lengthen your neckline.  Your necklace should match the neckline of your kaftan dress.  The length of your necklace is important, you don't want it to sit on the neckline of your kaftan dress.  Choose a necklace that sits a little above the neckline or one that drops to just under your bustline.  For those of us who are not blessed with height, your necklace should not fall any longer than just under your bustline.  Chokers are not a good option as they shorten your neckline and work against the lengthening effect of the v neckline.

Round Neckline
Much the same as the v neckline, a round neckline elongates your neck and is suitable for many body types.  It is an open neckline and shows off an attractive neck area.  It is important to pay attention to the depth of the scoop.  A higher scoop decreases the amount of exposed skin and can make your neckline look shorter and thicker.  A deeper scoop is flattering if you have a short neck.  Women with a large bust should pay attention to the scoop, a deep scoop can make your chest look wider.

Necklaces for Round Necklines
A necklace that copies the round shape of the neckline is perfect.  Much the same as the v neckline, if you have a shorter neck, then a longer necklace is ideal.

Laloom also has a range of kaftans with lace-up necklines and tie-up necklines.


In this photo:  Swazi Short Kaftan Dress

The lace-up and tie-up necklines give a less formal look to the kaftan dress and are easily dressed up for an evening outing.  Simple necklaces are perfect for these more elaborate necklines.

Fashion can be extremely difficult.  Back your judgement, embrace your style and revel in your individuality, and you will always look confident and stunning.

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Fashion Myth Busters

Fashion trends come and go, fashion rules come and go.  At Laloom our rules are pretty proud of the body you've got, accentuate your assets, camouflage your flaws, embrace who you are and how you feel and stride confidently through life.  In this blog, we are busting some pesky fashion myths.

Large Chest - Can't Wear Prints
UNTRUE - Prints are great at concealing a large bust.  Eyes will be drawn to the print, not your bust.  Big, bold prints are best.

Large Chest - Can't Wear A Button Up Shirt?
UNTRUE - I for one can attest to that.  So many times in the past I have avoided wearing button-up shirts because of the way the shirt gaped open between the buttons.  Yuk, not a great look.  Solution - safety pins.  Simply use a safety pin between the buttons to close the gap and no more flashing.  Perfect.

Shorter Women Can't Wear Long Dresses?
UNTRUE - Long dresses can flatter a petite figure.  Choose a light fabric to avoid bulk and wear with a pair of wedge heels.  This will create a long line, lengthening your figure.  Never let the dress trail on the ground, have the hem taken up if need be.

Too Tall For Heels?
NEVER!!  Women of all heights look fantastic in heels, you just need some confidence to pull it off.  In all honesty, we shorties are envious of your height.  Walk tall ladies!!

High Heels VS Flats?
Most of us tend to think of high heels as more sophisticated then flats.  This is simply not the case.  There are plenty of extremely unsophisticated high heel shoes out there!!  Basically, it all boils down to the way you walk.  Walk tall, correct your posture, head and chin up, chest out, shoulders back - suddenly you're a confident and sophisticated woman, regardless of what is on your feet.

Mixing Bright Colours?
I, for one, love colour and the more of it the better.  Mixing colour is now fashionable, most of the rules have flown out of the window and bright colours are modern and stylish.  Keep accessories and make up low key and let the colour do the talking.  Take a look at Claires' Wedding photo (my sister), a great example of how to make a statement with colour.


Embellishments Can Only Be Worn In The Evening?
UNTRUE - We agree, embellishments are most certainly fabulous to wear in the evening.  However, we do not agree that they can only be worn in the evening!!  A beautifully embellished kaftan dress looks equally stunning during the day.  The shimmer of the stones in the sunlight is mesmerising, and can, and should, be worn at any time of day and night.


In this photo:  Sea Dream Short Kaftan Dress

Afraid To Wear White Pants?
Hands up if you mainly wear black pants because you think they make you look slimmer?  You're right of course, black pants are slimming.  HOWEVER, white pants can be just as slimming if you choose the RIGHT white pants.  We all come in different shapes and sizes, and so do pants.  Go to a good store and get fitted for a nice pair of white pants in a cut that will flatter your shape.  All of a sudden, your wardrobe choices have doubled.

Matching Your Purse With Your Shoes and Belt?
Not any longer!!  The rules have changed and now you can mix and match your purses, shoes and belts to your little hearts' desire.  Hallelujah.  Be as low key or as high key as you like mixing colours and fabrics.  Not only can you get creative with your look, you also get more use of your purses, shoes and belts.  Win, win!!

Is Your Waist Too Round To Wear A Belt?
A common misconception that is frankly not true....wearing a wide belt at the smallest part of your waistline, highlights your waistline and gives you shape.

So, there you go, we've busted a few fashion myths here.

Everyone has their own style, and we think that is great.  Don't listen to the naysayers, make your own decisions.  Be confident about who you are and how you look and you will always look fabulous because YOU believe you are fabulous.!!

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Choosing your perfume is equally important as choosing your outfit, shoes, and jewellery.  The decision on which fragrance you wear depends on many different factors.  What outfit you have planned, where you are going, who you are going with, what you will be doing, and your mood.  All of these things will make a difference in your choice of perfume, and as long as the end result is one YOU are happy with, then you have succeeded in making the right choice.

Perfume Strengths

Let's look at the different strengths of perfume - each one having a different percentage of perfume oil in their make up.

Perfume - contains the most perfume oil and is the most concentrated and expensive of your options.  These fragrances are slightly more oily and will last for hours.  Perfect for a special evening.

Eau de Parfum - is almost as concentrated as Perfume.  It is a little lighter in scent and does not last as long as the more concentrated Perfume.  As a less expensive option, it is perfect for social gatherings, both day and night.

Eau de Cologne/Eau de Toilette -  are the least concentrated options and are usually light, fresh and fruity.  Lasting for just a few hours, they are perfect for everyday use.

Types of Perfume

Florals -  Probably the most popular perfume amongst women.  Who doesn't love the smell of beautiful fresh flowers?  Think roses, jasmine, frangipani.  Makes you feel pretty, happy and maybe even a little flirty.  Perfect for shopping, lunch with friends and informal gatherings.

Fresh -  Clean, light, zesty and sporty - think lemons, the ocean, and the rainforest.  If you love life, then these are the fragrances for you.  Perfect for summer holidays and cocktails by the river.

Orientals - Exotic, spicy and sensual - think musk, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves.  If you are adventurous and worldly then these could be the fragrances for you.  Perfect for when you're feeling dangerously confident.

Woods - Earthy, warm and sexy - think sandalwood, cedarwood, leather and moss - these fragrances are heady and provocative.  Perfect for your next romantic dinner.

Storing your Perfume

Opt for a cool, dry place, away from a window, such as your wardrobe.  Don't store your perfume in a damp, warm place as this will break your fragrance down and alter the scent.


Feeling happy and a little flirty - pair Lazy River short kaftan dress with a fragrance from the floral family

Applying your Perfume

◊  The best way to achieve a long-lasting fragrance is by layering.  Use a perfumed soap/shower gel, body lotion, and powder, then top it all off with your perfume.  Of course, don't confuse your fragrance by layering with different scents.

◊  Applying moisturiser before your perfume helps to lock in the scent.

◊  Heat helps diffuse the scent, so apply your perfume to a few (not all) "pulse points" on your body.  "Pulse points" are where your skin is warmer and has good blood circulation i.e. nape of your neck, inside wrists, inside elbows, navel, small of your back, behind knees, calves, and ankles.  Remember, because fragrance rises, applying perfume to your ankles and calves allows it to rise throughout the day.

◊  Do not rub your wrists together after applying the perfume as this will bruise the notes and they will not develop as intended.

It can be difficult to find the 'right' fragrance.  What works for your friends, may not necessarily work for you.  Try the perfumes on by spraying lightly to your wrist, let it dry a moment or two and then sniff.  Never try more than 3 perfumes at once, as your senses cannot cope and will become confused.

Personally, I prefer the lighter, fresher scents, although I do love the fragrance of sandalwood and Jasmine.  What are your favourite fragrances??

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Mothers Day Musing

Each year on the second Sunday in May we celebrate our mothers for Mothers Day.  This year we have asked our dearest and nearest to warm our hearts with musings about their mothers, grandmothers, and about being a mother.  Here is what we all had to say.

Alison - Laloom Head Honcho

Being a Mother - Wow, this is a subject I could talk about for days.  Before I had children, I was an independent, social, carefree young woman and not overly keen to give my lifestyle up.  However, give it up I did, and over a few years, became the mother of two gorgeous and loving boys.  My life changed forever, and I would not alter any of it.  I love being a mother, and it blows me away to this day how fiercely protective I am of my 2 children.  It is hard to describe the love a mother feels for her children.  The only way I could ever think to describe the feeling is that I am overflowing with love for them.  They will always be my 'children', and at 25 and 22 years of age, they are also now men.  They have grown into fantastic men - reliable, honest and trustworthy.  I am so proud of them both, they have made me a much different person to who I was 25 years ago.

Graham - Laloom 2IC - is from a family of 7 children

In life, my mother bought every emotion to my world, both good and not so good.  In youth, Mum gave me guidance and in adulthood gave me love and support.  Since Mum's passing my memories have become stronger, and I thank her for everything.


Cathie - Laloom Uber Model and Mother of 2 gorgeous boys

I feel so incredibly blessed to be a Mum and raising my two very handsome young men Baylin (16 yrs) and Riley (13 yrs).  With Mother's Day approaching, I love to reflect on the anticipation I felt bringing these miracle life forms into this World.  The intense and overwhelming emotions I felt greeting them were definitely the best two days of my life!  They both continue to be healthy, happy souls.  Nurturing them with unconditional love and guiding them through their lives has been my desired purpose.  I am so very proud of them.  They achieve well and want to please others.  They amaze me every day and grow every day too...I feel quite short now!  I am so grateful for each hug I receive as they lead more to their independent years.  I am in no rush for them to flee the nest but I am so very excited to see where their desires and ambitions lead them.  On Mother's Day, they will make me feel special.  I know Riley will be a barista for the morning and make me a lovely coffee, and Baylin will be happy to make me something delicious to eat.


Rae - My blister (Sister) and Laloom Cheer Squad

Mabel Jessica Jennings (Jess)
My grandmother - Nana- was an accomplished seamstress.  She was good at it!  All through our childhood, she made our overcoats, shorts, tops and dresses.  After I had left home and was studying to become a teacher, I was very poor.  I had no money - ever - and so would go to spend some of my holidays with Nana and Pa.  Nana would take me to Bingo to raise a little cash.  Then we would go to the Op Shop and buy old clothes - choosing fabrics and patterns that we liked.  Nana would carefully unpick each item.  I would have an idea - something hip, something groovy that I desperately wanted.  Nana would lay the unpicked clothing out, pick up the scissors and start cutting, holding pieces up against my body.  Then the sewing machine would whirr.  More scissor work, more holding pieces up, tacking and sewing.  Soon, I would be wearing a new outfit - one that fitted, was up-to-the-minute stylish and in colours, patterns, and fabrics that I liked - and at a fraction of the cost!  Nana was my friend, I always felt that she liked me and understood me.  In return, I loved and looked up to her, she was a role model for me.  I still miss her terribly!


Natalie - Laloom Make Up Artist Extraordinaire

I love Laloom kaftans so much that I actually bought one for my mum after I saw this particular one we did a photo shoot with - I thought this kaftan would suit mum, it looked so comfy, pretty & just her styling.  When mum opened her gift she absolutely loved it as much as I had hoped she would & it is a gorgeous outfit.


Sally - Laloom Customer & Super Supporter

My Mum!  Well, it makes me smile just thinking about her, what a character she was.  She was very intelligent but could also be quite naive, she was also quite opinionated and had a great wit.  At fourteen as an only child she told her mother she wanted to go to boarding school, so she became quite independent from an early age.  If we hurt ourselves as children she would just tell us to get on with it, which wasn't always a good thing because now as a 56-year-old I am paying the price for that lack of empathy!  She always did cryptic crosswords which I could never conquer and I hate to say my brother could, however, that gave my brother and mother a lovely interest.  Her strength made us what we are today.  She was a great Mum and friend.  To be quite honest, I don't need a 'day' for Mother's Day, because I think of her all the time and miss her dearly.


Claire - My blister (Sister) and Laloom Cheer Squad

Margaret Joyce Heywood was my mum.  She was fun, feisty and rather short.  You only get one mum, and mine was there for me no matter what.  Anytime, anything, always.  A phone call away.  A witness to my life.  An open ear.  Even if she really wasn't that interested, or didn't approve, there she was.  She was my dear friend and I miss her terribly.  As I age I sometimes catch myself, my reflection, my voice, a certain way of moving my hands.....and there she is.  Alive and kicking!  She lives in my bones, my skin, my DNA.....and always, always, always in my heart.


We really hope you have enjoyed this blog, and we welcome stories about your mothers, grandmothers, and children.

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Kaftans for Winter

Summer is gradually disappearing.  The sun is not quite so fierce and the nights are getting cooler as we slowly creep toward the winter months in Australia.

I found this quote by John Steinbeck (a Pulitzer Prize-winning American Novelist) that in my opinion, pretty much sums it up....."what good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness"...

Whilst you love to wear your fabulous kaftans in summer, it is such a shame to pack them away for the next few months until the warmer weather is upon us again.  So, as we begin the creep towards winter, it is time to put our minds to how we are going to wear our kaftans during the winter months.

Fortunately, this is a very easy problem to solve - LAYER, LAYER, LAYER.

During winter, extra layers are needed to keep warm.  The trick is to add the layers and accessories without creating too much bulk.

Beneath The Kaftan Dress

What you wear beneath your kaftan is important.  Choose fabrics that are light in weight, but not bulky.  Wools and silks are great choices.  These fabrics will transport the perspiration away from your skin, dispersing it on the outer surface where it can evaporate.  There are many options using warmth retaining fabrics that do not make you sweat.  Your undergarments can be snug and contoured to your body, or they can be slightly looser.  The closer the garment is to your body, the warmer you feel.


Over The Kaftan Dress

In a cold climate, a very warm coat or jacket to wear over your kaftan is a must.  Glam it up with a sexy leather or suede jacket.  Wraps and Capes are perfect in the not quite so cold climates.


Warmth For Your Legs

Leggings and jeans for a casual look and long pants for a more elegant look make perfect sense when it comes to adding warmth.


Warmth For Your Feet

Boots look fantastic with kaftans.  Cute ankle boots with a short kaftan and jeans during the day and high heel knee high boots with a long kaftan in the evening.  Don't forget to pull on your cosy woollen socks for another level of warmth.


Last, but certainly not least, is a scarf

Scarves are essential and so versatile.  They can be worn around your neck in many different ways, worn as a wrap around your shoulders, or turban-like around your head.  Have a bunch of scarves on hand, in fabrics of silk, wool and cotton and you will never be caught out.


Don't banish your kaftan dresses to the back of the wardrobe until next summer, wear them all year around.

Start layering Ladies !!!

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